Armor balance and cc

First of all, I am not trying to push this down anyone throat, so feel free to disagree, with arguments.

Now, I am a bit tired of nerfs and buffs only because every weapon can be used with every armor. Most of the issues are with melee weapons and range players hate them for a reason.

Melee weapons, as in every game, were created under the idea that they will struggle against range builds. And it’s true for medium and especially heavy armor.

This is why melee weapons have gap closing abilities abd cc. However, a melee weapon paired with light armor has 30% extra dmg, mobility, gap closing and cc.

What I suggest:

Light armor: keep it as it is, but add a 30% reduced stun duration on abilities.

Medium armor: remove the option to combine armor types. A 2k medium armor rating with shirking fortification makes heavy irrelevant. Give it 30% stamina regen instead.

Heavy armor: Reduce heavy armor damage by an additional 5-10% BUT, STUNS CAN NO LONGER BE BROKEN ON HIT WHILE USING HEAVY ARMOR.

Shockweave needs to be nerfed for this to work: can only hit 3 targets at most now.

What are the results: Leaping strike and shield bash no longer need to be nerfed. Since light armor builds using ss will usually stun you for 1-2 seconds at most, using freedom you can almost negate every light armor stun.

Cc diminishing returns should only work in group fights if you are stunned by multiple people at once, while freedom should only work on cc coming from the same player.

Each armor type will have a roll to play.

Lazarus mutation is controversial because people got used with asking players to bring a hammer over every other weapon. This is because everyone can spam shockweave for an easy run.

With the nerf to shockweave and diminishing returns applying to mobs as well, other weapons could be used in this dungeons without being less effective

Interesting suggestions, but the LA suggestion only focuses on one part of LA melee builds (stun). It won’t really affect the GA or Spear LA builds who would still have the “30% extra dmg, mobility, gap closing” that you talked about.

What happens when you shockwave 5 people? How would it select who gets stunned and who doesn’t? It might just be better to reduce the stun time if you hit more than 3 people with it.

Good question. I guess one way would be to stun the 3 closest targets.

Indeed, some weapons will not be affected directly, however a light armor GA/WH will not have the same cc potential as heavy armor. Same for light armor hatchet/ss or spear/ss. The builds will not be nerfed much, instead it will bring medium armor and heavy on par with light

I was looking at it from the perspective of “total overhaul”, but yes it’s definitely better to just slightly nerf them so that they are still viable options if people choose.

I’m not a fan of this option as it would be hard to tell who’s where in the heat of battle when you’re being swarmed and you may stun the wrong people. This would make the skill a bit random.
If the stun time is reduced on 4 or more it could also add a strategic element for opponents where they can choose to all eat the stun and reduce the duration, instead of just dodging away and leaving 1-3 to get locked out for longer.

It needs a rebalance but this isn’t the right approach not to mention how coding that stun would be a pain and probably buggy AF.

I’d love to see something like this

Light: keep high damage, heals, and mobility
Medium:. Slightly reduce time affected by CC, slightly increase damage, slightly reduce penalty to healing
Heavy: increase CC time, reduce incoming damage, decrease time affected by CC, reduce block stamina usage

Keep in mind there’s a PVE element to this game too and stunning 10 mobs+ can be needed.

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Heavy’s already down 30% vs Light…just how is nerfing it further justified?

A lot of valid points, however having increased stun duration means nothing if it breaks on hit. As a tank, you deal less damage but should bring something else on the table. I thought having better stun would put tanks higher on the map, but you are right, it might be hard to implement

Which is why increased CC time isn’t a big deal. It opens up more team play if you happen to catch someone and makes it better in PVE for those oh shit moments.

Not to mention solo capping a point or being last one standing happens as a tank. An extra second would be a huge boon in that edge case.

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