Armor balance suggestion

I suggest the following adjustments to armors.

Heavy Armor, High Physical Mitigation, Low Elemental Mitigation.
Medium Armor, Medium Physical Mitigation, Medium Elemental Mitigation.
Light Armor, Low Physical Mitigation, High Elemental Mitigation.

Not sure how this wasn’t thought of, and I play a tank.


I completely agree with this. With the way it stands now, there is not reason for everyone to not run Heavy Armor. Even with the bonus to damage from wearing light, it doesn’t overcome the fact in PvP a magic attack is going to be worthless against all of that mitigation.

My friend and I were practicing PvP combat and my best fire damage couldn’t do near enough damage. I could evade some of his attacks thanks to the roll, but gap closing skills quickly got rid of that advantage.

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Even in pve it seems silly to not roll heavy (no pun intended) unless you just enjoy being in lighter gear.

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True story! I had been running Light, so I could roll out of the way of damage. Pretty much once I started taking on level 40s, dodge-roll became useless. AI attacks would basically one shot. Put on just two pieces of heavy so far, and the difference is dumb.

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This was actually a thing in alpha I believe, but was reverted for Closed Beta. I would agree that this should be a thing. There are wayyyyy to many mobility spells in this game to argue that the heavy gear dodge is enough of a downside to justify everything else it has. Light gear is extremely outclassed at this point and needs something to make it competitive or this game is going to die quick.

This is what was originally in the game until everybody and their brothers decided to fucking complain about it.

If you where playing as a tank you would know that all bosses and most of other NPCs use both physical and elemental damage plus heavy armor are penalized, one question, how would one tank?
What you propose is aimed for PVP crowd and even then you will have complainers from both sides on an endless route of nerfs till there is nothing to nerf.
I propose to disable all abilities and passives when PVP flagged in any form, and increase light and heave attacks to compensate for not using abilities.

So, you are disabling all weapons except for great axe?

Not weapons, ABILITIES!!! for all weapons, that includes great-axe.

Disabling all abilities and passives pushes the favor onto great axe.
You wont be using any ranged with only LMB.
Neither rapier or spear.
Sword is out of question.
Hammer or Axe left.

Please explain how? since all weapons would have similar overall final damage output.

No, they dont.
Neither with abilities and passives nor without any of those are all weapons in balance.
Especially considering the weapons are build around a certian design idea that is improved by their passive effects, like a musket does increase performance by headshots by alot, spear has close to no cooldown when played with dodge cooldown reduction, lifestaff has no healing and no damage (factually, none of both) if you dont spend at least 1 point anywhere.
This is across all weapons, and baseline greataxe is the strongest option.

Once you’re up in level and craft or find upper tier armors, or even when leveling, you can determine the bonus damage mitigation with gems.

Also, in pvp, if some one is good at moving around they certainly have the advantage against a heavy tank who cannot roll, dodge, etc. This is especially true of spear, ice gauntlet (pre patch), and rapier users vs a sword and board (which is a tank).

If you’re not using a shield and just now noticing that it still hurts, well. . .there’s nothing to help you.

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Remove all points from weapon abilities and test all weapons in their base forms then tell me if great-axe out-perform all of them.

Yeah, I do know they use both. But that’s no reason to make heavy Armor so damn powerful. I stick with what I said and Yes I tank.

Are you talking about PVP or PVE? because in PVE it’s not a problem in fact it needs buff.

so, i get the idea… but where does that leave clerics and pally types?

Disagree. Let’s face it - more armor - better. It’s even historically accurate. Send a man in heavy armor with a sword, halberd or polearm vs cloth or leather armored man with rapier. In 99 cases out of 100 heavily armored man simple crush his opponent without any scratches at all. Also try to put a hand to bonfire. In first case use light cotton glove, in second metal battle gauntlet. I suppose in second case u can hold ur hand in fire much longer.
So, heavy armor FTW.

If I was looking for realism sure. We cast magic, cloth players should be more resistant to magic. (Elemental).

Clerics and Pallies are made up terms in this case.

We do not have classes.
If you want to be more resistant to Physical, wear heavy. If you want to resist Elements go Light.
If you cannot decide, go medium.

Pretty simple.