Armor Class and Weapon Speed Animation

Anyone can help me please ? I am trying different build for OPR and Arena, and when i play in heavy i feel my animation are slower then people in light armor !

Using 2H weapon in heavy doesn t feel the same with light armor… i feel there is something hidden behind the game that most people don t see it :frowning:

Any hint ?

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There is something strange that happens with Light Armor where desync really goes haywire in terms of your own positioning, the positioning of your opponents, the window of vulnerability before i-frames take place, and whiffing damage on players who appear on your screen as completing an animation.

I really can only chalk it up as serious lag (spikes far greater than my average 50 ms) or serious desync (been a staple since Brimstone Sands :smiley:). Positional desync issues have been atrocious even in 3v3 settings, which makes little sense, but this is NW ofc.

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