Armor paid skins are bad and needs drastic change

I really want to support this game, and usually by supporting games I like I purchase skins.
The issue is, 99% of the skins you are releasing in the stores, just looks like clowns costume, and I will never purchase such skins.

Why would anyone want to look like a flying purple cockroach? like some bird? why would anyone pay for this? do you even track the skins sales? I can barely see anyone ingame wearing paid skins.

Side note: even with transmog system, I will still buy skins that I like.


What a silly post haha there are tons of great looking skins in the store.
If you dont like them, dont buy them !

No. OP is mostly correct. Their store skins are BAD. They are so bad, in fact, that the only assumption one can make is that it’s some sort of social experiment. They are missing out on A LOT of revenue.


Totally agree, paid skins are joke. Skins with fairies theme? Really ?? in game with dark fantasy lore and beautifull climatic lore/world ? Please be so serious …


I agree 100%. So many in-game items have better design than the skins they release.


Another great post, so true…90% or skins are terrible…


Is not a silly post. I agree with him. There are zero skins in the store that I will buy.


Even Isabella has nice outfit than the player itself!!! do somethin … or hire Artist if u guys dun have any … jeez … @Aenwyn


Also these store skins cannot be dye, it makes imbossible to make decent look skins (unique) It makes dyes and colors just waste of time to make and collect. Cant you even try?


OP has a point here as much as i like some of the skins, Ive been willing to buy skins this whole time but none of them were cool enough and at a price i could agree with.

Wheres the dark fantasy stuff thats not gawdy or plain?

I would love to see New World put on an event where the community gets to decide what type of skins they should make next. Literally just ask us what we want here and we will tell you.

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IMO that’s the only decent skin they released,

Most skins released in store does not even fit the game’s theme. It needs to change, they are missing out lots of revenue due to that.

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the only bad thing i see with skins in nw is that they do not so as light/med/heavy and u cant tell what the opponent is wearing till u hit them.this has a huge impact on pvp since even a hit can make a difference.

The faerie outfit is fine, the problem is the helm. I would say half of the skins in the store are decent if you hide the helm or change it into something less alien looking. Like I totally applaud the artists for adding wings and capes, I think they’re cool and there are lots of possibilities there. But I don’t know what the issue is with the helms, they’re so alien looking. You either look like an alien, or a wanna-be superhero… like the b-rated version, the bad superheroes.

Like I love egyptian and roman themes, so I bought the bastet set because the armor looks cool. However the helm is just totally off, it’s raised up too high like you’re trying to be a batman. The helm should’ve covered the face, that would’ve been cool.

For roman outfits, player’s expectations are something like this:

But instead, we got this… lol


I just don’t get the helm design. They’re either alien looking, or dorky. Just look at the two pics above, the first pic, you instantly think cool, badass, take my money. The second pic, you just laugh and forget you ever claimed it as a twitch drop. I know it’s free so I shouldn’t complain, but this is the perfect example of why the helms are so off in this game.

You get your artists to give me a badass roman outfit using that helm Myrmidons & Romans wore, I will buy it right away. Pretty much I think while going fantasy is fine since this is a fantasy game. For your revenues sake, a lot of people would prefer some normal looking outfits that we’re more familiar with. And really, just dial down the helms would really help.

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I just came to forum to write a post about this latest addition to the store… these fairy skins… and found this topic.

I don’t want NW to become GW2. I just hate skins in GW2 cuz they are too damn flashy.
But honestly, nothing in store makes me wanna buy it. Those skins are just bad and i’m perfectly fine with the looks I get from marauder pvp vendor.


I totaly agree, I dont know how to spend my money on nw because all the items in the shop looks awful except for some funny emotes like the tableflip I m spamming since 2 weeks


I mean I’m too much of s*cker for skin in general not to buy any even if not that good. Let’s be real here, there are skins that I really enjoy wearing and that are IMO pretty good. I would agree though that the good skins this game releases is a freaking low % compared to the bad ones.
Most of the skin (some I did buy, not gonna lie) look silly and would feat perfectly in April !

So I would 100% agree that they really need to step the hell up about their skins, especially when there are such good ones in the game, just not in the store. Maybe it’s due to the pressure they got before release about the store and when people feared store items to be way cooler than the in-game ones… IDK but now it’s the other way arround anyway so time to balance things out.

Oh! And BTW, with the new skins, the Oberon one is missing textures ! The whole “below the belt” part is nowhere to be found, here are some pictures:

As you can see… Even the colors are not the same as their own picture… Talking about “silly” :sweat_smile:

I agree with the OP the paid skins are awful and I too would like to support the game but im not buying a fairy outfit.

Facts, its the helms that ruin a majority of store sets.