Armor Preset Discussion

End game new world for me involves respeccing constantly so the implementation of gear sets will be a game changer for me. I want to throw out a few ideas to try to make the system better when it finally is released.

1 There is no need to tie this into furnishing by creating some kind of armor stand that you have to interact with. Imo, this should be implemented in the inventory UI and there should be no barriers to entry. Switching gear sets should be easy for new and experienced players.

2 Gear crosses over between sets so locking 1 piece to 1 particular set is not going to work. We need the ability to lock a piece of gear to multiple sets.

3 Once a piece of gear is locked to a set we should be able to put that piece of gear in any storage and by equipping that gear set it will pull the gear from storage and equip the set to our character. This would be done at the storage sheds but the same system should be implemented for our personal inventory as well so we can easily change sets in the open world. This would only be able to pull gear from our inventory itself so you could keep your commonly used gear sets in your inventory and quickly switch between them but if you wanted to pull from all storage you have to go to a shed.

4 Naming the gear sets is an obvious must but a way to link the full gear set to chat would be a nice addition.

5 Weapon mastery sets would be amazing.

6 The ability to see the full gear set from the inventory UI regardless of the location would be amazing as well. With 10+ gear sets just for pve, I need a way to check if something is an upgrade for a particular set and with this system we could check quickly and add it to the set if it truly is a better piece.

I feel if implemented correctly, gear presets will fundamentally change new world for the better. Switching gear sets for different activities can be very satisfying but with the current state of gearing, most players stick to one or two sets.

Any other ideas?

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