Armor that increases bonus to crafted items

Myra Mains B’Dyn
US East Valhalla

Issues is crafting sets of armor ie (Arcanist/Concocter’s) Are not giving the bonus stated. One should give crafted item quality and the other crafted item bonus. The secondary set gives item quality instead of item bonus. This is causing issues with world market/cost of items.

No I’m not including a screenshot… go look at your own code!

Hey there @Azazels, welcome to the forums! I would like to clarify that you’re not receiving the bonuses from crafted sets of armor?

Additionally, is your player name Myra Mains B’Dyn?

Looking forward to your response.

He means that there are 2 sets for Arcana profession. One is “Arcanist” the other one is “Concocter’s”. They both give same bonus (+ minimum GS for crafting). He means that one should be refining set (+2% yield). I hope i got it right.


Bukowa is correct. There are two sets of crafting armor for certain professions. They both give the same bonus (expertise increase) One set should give (crafting bonus). Also yes my ingame name is Myra Mains B’Dyn

Thank you @bukowa for clarification and I appreciate the confirmation @Azazels. I will get this sent over to the Development team for review.

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