Armorer / weaponsmith gear obsolete after January patch?

Just wondering, If they rise the expertise limit from 590 to 600 which you can achieve by normal gypsum casts, then all the currently expensive armorer and weaponsmith gear which currently closes the gap from 590 to 600 will be completely obsolete, or am I missing something?

So as of now all activity to farm the armorer’s hat from the Siren’s Guide or the weaponsmith pants from Malevolence doesn’t make sense anymore.

Please correct me if I’m wrong…

I’m referring to [Dev Blog] End Game Update Part 2 - January Update

Expertise Cap Increase & Gear Scaling

As discussed above, the Expertise cap is being raised to 625 in the January Update. Expertise will increase to 600 through the current ways - Gypsum Casts and random bumps in the open world.

I’m confused why you would think that gear would be useless. Your expertise does not affect your ability to craft. You still want to craft gear with a best case scenario of 600, not 590 because items under 600 can’t be upgraded to 600 and beyond with Umbral Shards. Why would outfits that improve your crafting be any less useful? :thinking:

Ah, I see my error here, I thought crafting depends on your expertise level, so if you have 590 expertise for chest armor you need the extra 10 points from the armorer gear :thinking:

Ok, thanks for the clarification!!

Perhaps the aptitude levels we are gaining will play a role in this.

No problem. :+1: Expertise isn’t a factor at all though. Here are the things that affect the GS of crafted items:

min/max - this line is an example

500/500 - base tier 5 gear score
15/15 - best food boost
10/10 - expertise armor perk x5
5/5 - mastery earring perk
45/45 - use epic quality crafting components
0/25 - trade skill 200

575/600 - total so far

15/0 - major trophy x3
5/0 - town project boost

595/600 - best possible

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