Armoring Feels Pretty Bad Right Now

Just got to a pretty high armoring level today and realized that making armor is a hot garbage mess of wasted materials. You wanna make 600 gearscore armor? Well hope you have dozens of people farming dozens of mats because that 10 per day limit makes it so it’ll be like a week before you can make a full set by yourself, and god forbid you get empowering fireball and shield bash on your dex medium armor chestpiece… the rolls for perks are way too random and need to be weighted heavier depending on the type of armor you’re crafting like if you made a strength piece it should really be rolling only perks for weapons that scale off strength with heavier emphasis on solo strength scaling weapons. Right now the randomness of these perks just makes it seem that world drops will outclass any piece for a while for any single crafter. Like I’m all for random rolls when it comes to a reasonable pool of perks where they’re at least relevant and have min/max stat values, but this is literally a copy and paste problem that Anthem had at launch.

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