Armour super expensive to repair in PvP

100 gold it’s costing me per death to pvp in my armour… why? I just wana fuck about and have some fun but I die 10 times and it costs me 1k… fucking hell lads, sort this shit out. And don’t start with the repair kits bs, look how many repair parts they take to craft, you want me to farm pve for 4 hours straight just to do 30 mins of pvp ffs. stop

Armour repair is super expensive in any content because of deflation and the high value of the gold coins.

If you don’t want to use repair kits, there’s a few other things you can do:

  1. Don’t repair gear, put on other gear from drops instead.
  2. Keep wearing broken gear. Broken gear still applies its base stats, you just lose the bonuses. Sure, your edge will be taken off, but in open world PvP, where others are likely to be suffering from the same lack of coin as yourself as PvP is not rewarding right now, who cares. You’re in the same boat.
  3. Stop dying :wink:.

In the long run some form of (open world) PvP currency may be added, allowing for purchase of PvP centric gear to burn through instead. But as it stands right now, next to repair kits, the above three points are basically your options.

This is a typical dipshit reply, are you a dipshit? Instead of finding and fixing the core of the issue you’d rather list 3 of the dumbest ideas possible… The reason games get in this state is because people like you are constantly on the forums giving your shitty feedback…

Oh and PvP should NEVER not be rewarding. Plus I have full voidbent and 60k gold, the issue is people won’t want to PvP and get better at it if they’re punished. So please, be quiet, silly troll

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Clearly, you cannot read. But well yeh, what to expect, you’re living up to the typical PvP stereotype…

its a problem because those are fixed costs, along with housing and taxes.

What you need is an actual free economy where you have to use player built repair kits to repair.

Resellable housing, etc.

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