As per Request - Missing money on trader

So correct me where I am wrong…

If a town has 10% trade Tax 1.5% Refine and Craft Tax…
Player A put’s 1000 items up for sale, pays a fixed fee to list those items.
Player B then buys 500 items at 5g each and pays the 10% tax on top.
Player A should then get 2500g.

But the way it seems to work out is Player A get’s 1500 gold and 40% is deducted.

Now this is not 100% accurate… but on one character, I logged out with 1.84 gold. Logged in with 505.84 gold. Counted up my sales, they added up to 808.84 gold.

So where did some 39% of my sales go?

I don’t know how much my main character had on log out, something in the realm of 5500g… I log and I have 8600g and some change. I add up all my sales… and they come to around 4800g. But 5500 + 4800 does not = 8600g… where are my missing sales?

We need indepth sales invoices for everything sold. Exactly what tax deductions are made how much in gold they are etc. It is no good saying you have to pay 6.8g to make a sword… If I then spam out 100 sword, salvage them, spam 40 swords, salvage tho, spam 15 swords etc… how much have I just spent in crafting fees? Anyones guess… unless I count every item exactly 100% of the time, I certainly won’t know. All I do know is I can log in with 12k… spend 30 mins refining, crafting and listing items on the trader and ? I have 5k left… 7000g spent… and my reward… maybe 2 points in 3-4 skills. For hours and hours of grinding.

Don’t know about anyone else… but to me this feels like I’m playing some kind of money sink game… where I grind so others can spend my money.

Uninstalled game… just don’t care anymore, don’t care if you’re adding void swords that look like something out of Halo or a mob here or there… really… if the base game is this painful… and you actually expect people to run in endless circles farming gold and seriously think this is what a fun game is… at lv 60. It’s not like you convert the lost XP into Gold… for quests… or let us default harvest 10% more… after maxing out a skill… there is no reward for the grind, if anything there is just another reminder than in 5 days (a week used to be 7 days) I have to fork out another 2-3k in housing tax for my pitiful extra 1.2k storage and some extra teleport location…

No thanks… I’d rather play Valheim.

Did you know that a bullet weighs 0.5 kilos… 500 of them is 50 kilos or whatever weight you have. Filling a storage with bullets is really easy. Bullets actually weigh in grams… usually about 10-15 max. A 500 gram bullet… that’s roughly what an anti tank shell weighs. Takes 2-3 of these to drop a buffalo… Add in all the crafting components, your stock of items, the bits of armour and a few weapons and potions… that default 1000 storage… is gone.

I need about 10,000 storage base… 10x what is supplied. To even start enjoying the game. Everything in Nw is skimmed, squished or creamed off… Nice looking game, esp in the lv 60 zones… but not worth the hassle to get there. This game needs a serious dose of QoL realistic attitude added in, if you want players like me to hang around playing waiting for new content… you need to cut us some slack.

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