Asia servers: can a kindly dev please share some specifics?

Dear Devs,

Can you please try to find the time to speak to the question of when we might expect to get Asia servers? Even if it’s just loose future plans?

150+ ping means that you are effectively limited to PvE, gathering, and duels.

Group PvP and wars (originally sold as the core of the experience) are more or less off the table - ranged and melee attacks simply don’t register often enough.

I’m not expecting a change overnight… but I am expecting one relatively soon.

Will you be adding Asia servers in the coming weeks? In the coming months?

If you’re feeling generous, why didn’t you have them at launch? Australia isn’t in any way central to the APAC/OCE region. Did you assume that New World wouldn’t appeal to the Asia playerbase?

Asia players are all understandably tired of copy-paste responses from your Twitter bot.

Can you please throw a little light on this?

Thank you.



Agreed, would appreciate servers in any part of asia


In Canada but you guys deserve a server of your own! +1


Yes anywhere in Asia would be nice to help with the latency. Singapore, Hongkong anywhere really.


Appreciate the support :slight_smile:

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