Asking about family sharing

just wondering anyone get a notice and receive family share ?

Edit: They sent a notice to on email and i grantet access a thanks to developers for responsibility


Probably just a CYA statement. They sold a product with a service enabled then took that service away after the time to refund had expired.

Called “Bait and switch” and is illegal in many states and counties.


this comment is not relevant anymore


5 hours and still no notices , i checked both accounts


last time i contact amazon support and they even take my steam id but i didnt get any notices

they didn’t take my id , all they said is wait and no

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lets wait
if we got notice because i dont want to waste another 100+ hours from the beginning

i hope to give us more info for that. From who and were we take this notice ? by email ? in steam account ?


i think they said we got notice from steam but its still not clear

has anyone figured out exactly what they are going to do? have made a list of legit players and will re-enable family share on them only? I am confused with the solution they will give!

i tried to contact the support to give me more info and they don’t know anything

Right now my game open again! i have access to game !!! Right now !


omg same


230h in online again!!! and my character in there all is there! … We thank the developers for not leaving us legit players like that! did you hear us!!!

Yup, they seemed to have pushed the keys! GOOD ON YOU AMAZON! Actually very suprised on the speed this went threw.

plz can u clarify more how did u regain access , did the notice reach you on mail or on steam itself and how, thx in advance

yayyyy it’s back am happy <3

Guess they are too busy playing to answer you :wink:
My daughter is playing again right now on her lvl 22 char and she said there was no mail, no notification. The button was simply green and said “Play” instead of “Purchase” so she started the game.


Got NW for my son and he doesn’t play it very much. Wife seemed interested and I got her a PC setup and as I’m getting ready to set her up a steam account, family sharing gets disabled. So, is there a request process for enabling family sharing on the account or do I need to buy it again?

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