Asking for a missed store item

I missed the store items from the Dec 19/20 claim - the Hunters Festive Trappers, and Hunters Festive Furs. I seriously thought I had claimed them, but apparently I missed these two items. Is there ANY way I could get them added to my account, or is there any chance of a re-claim anytime before the event ends? It’s going to drive me crazy having only half an outfit available.

Even if you put them back in for cash shop coins, please???

Hi @denmiclaw!

I hope you are doing well!

I understand your situation but unfortunately there is no way to get those items back if you didn’t log in the game in those dates and claimed the items, I can submit some feedback to the developers that please consider them adding the items for cash/coins but there is no guarantee they will do it.

Hopefully this clears things up, take care and happy holidays! :smiley:

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