Asmongold is right: Not enough to do after a certain point

I just saw his video, realizing his server is now dead. I laughed so much, cuz it happened to so many of us more than one time.

But he’s right about one thing: Not enough to do to keep players from returning.

Since the silent majority of players are casual, grinding is not for all of them and it’s not the grinding that will keep most of them interested to come back every day.

Two things are seriously missing in this game:

1- Leaderboards
2- Tournaments

Two things that are very common on P2W mobile games. Look at the different tournaments in Raid Shadow Legends, perfect example.

Competitive players need those to be interested.

This game will now grow massively again before there are leaderboards and tournaments everywhere in this game.

Very active companies will host their own PVP tournaments, busy worlds will host server-wide tournaments, but it’s so complicated to do and not that much rewarding.

Each expedition level should have a leaderboard for quickest time of completion, etc…

Companies should have more info to sort them by “power”, active users, etc…

OPRs should have leaderboards.

There could be tournaments on completing the most number of town boards, on collecting the most nodes, etc…

Leaderboards and tournaments

One of the arguments i made about 3v3’s is that its a big problem for the actual ranking system to be months behind the release of 3v3. At this time i think its best to push the development of those ladder boards up to be released in junes update at the latest, or may at the earliest.

I break down mmo game design into principles like this

  1. Max potential population is set by the complexity and requirements (specs) to play the game. The higher these values are, the lower the population is.

  2. Retention rates are directly dependent on cooperative and competitive content and this content needs to be wrapped around guilds.

  3. Expressive content helps boost retention rates and over all happiness with the game. These are things like transmogs, dyes, housing with furniture systems and so on.

What you have posted here is in harmony with my second principle of mmo design. Its vital that we keep guilds singular, and we dont add things like lfg, lfr, multiguilds, etc or to sum it up anything that would invalidate guilds from existing or devalue them.

First things first, merge servers… more than half the servers do not have high enough populations to do half the things you’re talking about. Without a healthy minimum player base, players will not return.

That won’t be enough. That will help new players staying in the game longer, but it won’t be enough to keep players in the game, imho.

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