At what point after leaving the beach should I travel to other towns?

I want to relocate so I can meet up with friends, but I’m worried that I’ll break the quest sequencing by leaving before completing required quests. Is there a specific point where I can leave without having to worry about leaving a quest hanging?

Thanks all!

Do all quest at the beach, when the questline send you to the town, deliver the quest but don’t take the new quest in town, instead run to the town you want to link op with your friends and take the quest from there.

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so heres the thing… atleast this is the way it worked in the beta… if you dont take the quest on the beach ( i.e. back out of convo without accepting ) on your map itll have a quest icon at all the starting camps… same quest … just at other locations. so you could travel to one your friends at and do it with them… but if you accept the first qeust then you are pretty much tied into that specific area for abit.

Thats how it was on the beta… so i appologize if they have changed it… tho i havent seen anything about such a change.


After the Tutorial buddy you get the quest to speak with the dude at the lighthouse. Speak to him to solve the current quest but don’t accept the following. Instead close the questwindow and open the map. Now you see on all beaches with a starting Lighthouse a quest. Go to the preferred area and get the quest and start playing from there on.

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Second solution could also be, if you already have taken the quest in town, then link up with your friends on the : Search for the Mysterious Old Man in Fisherman’s Bend quest, and take the main quest from there together.

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Thanks for all of the help y’all! I appreciate it! Cheers and enjoy launch day!

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