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So our melee dps can have great earrings/rings, healers as well have some very good jewelry dropping for them in dungeons and mutations.

Mages? Nothing. There’s literally no 1 single piece of jewelry that is a BIS item for a mage.
Instrumentality’s Earring is the only one which is decent but it’s far away from being a BIS.

I find it unfair that literally every other class can find their BIS weapon/ ring / amulet or whatever in dungeons while for mages there is not even 1 single item that is BIS.

Firevine firestaff? Decent, not BIS. The third perk is terrible. Again something that is better replaced with a random Orichalcum Firestaff crafted. And it goes like this with literally every other piece INT you can find in the drop poll.

It honestly seem that the INT drops are non-existant while ever other attribute has very good items, some examples:


credits to Lunatica


Agree completely. Dungeon drops for mages are few and far between compare to other classes. There is the instrumentality’s earring, which does drop at 600, but if you get it at 599 and upgrade it with umbral shards it doesn’t even upgrade to legendary and get the 4th perk. There is the Firevine Battlestaff, which is good but not BiS, and that’s all the drops I’ve had after hundreds of dungeon runs up to M4. Other classes can get multiple BiS items free from dunegon runs but it costs a fortune to gear up as a mage. This is just one of the ways the many devs gimp mages in this game, another being the constant nerfs. It’s no wonder there is now a shortage of level 60 mages on my server.

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5 bis for strength for each piece but nothing for intel just goes to show devs only play strength amd con nothing ellse and they prob don’t even play the game as apposed to when they have too


So you guys want to be overpowered playing from the safety of distance?

You want to have more buffs and more damage, be more powerful, playing and firing from 100 yards away?

Huh? OP would be nice, maybe the light/heavy attacks will be on par with melee users that run around in med and heavy, spamming left click and melting anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck in a grav well or stunned.

Only way int is viable, is with light. (yea some run with medium, but it just feels even more underwhelming.) Then, musket and bow users hurt A LOT. You often find yourself targeted. Even then, int users only put out decent damage via abilities. Light and heavy attacks are similar to throwing noodles at players. Half the time you’re just trying to focus on kiting until your cooldowns are up. Unless it’s a brain dead left clicker that is just charging at you in a straight line. That’s right, you have to actually aim…instead of just aiming your screen at your target and spamming left click.

Hopefully the next round of dungeon(s) will show int users some love…

Isabella’s lair? :o

they aren’t asking to be OP they are asking for the same chance at loot as other classes.

about the only legendary int jewelry piece from dungeons that’s good for 1 type of int user.

If INT gets those perks it will OP.

AGS didn’t forget to put those perks/jewelry for INT, they didn’t put them for a reason.

then how would it be acceptable for one class to have the perks and not another?

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Because melees get in the front line getting all the damage while mages (INT) fight from the safety of distance.

You don’t want to give a guy that fights from 100 yards away OP perks so they can easily destroy everything from distance.

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melee already out damage mages by a long shot, they also have better defense. for mages to be effective the have to roll light armor. melee also have a range of skills to close the gap on a mage if they decided to spec for that. but lets not forget this is pve content we are talking about aswell in which mages are already at a large disadvantage to a melee player since the M+ expeditions all have resistance to what they would normally be weak against.

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Is the focus ring really considered BiS? Aside from Sacred I don’t want any of the other perks on it.


Closest thing to best in slot for heals is the sacred leaf ring from eternal pools. The ring linked in this post actually rolls with a random 3rd perk which makes it a non reliable item to farm for.

what are you talking about??? people just craft this stuff… it’s absurd to think that dungeon loot is being as a balance mechanic…

What you have to do, is to put all those tradeable drops.

Sure!!! Go pay 250k for a BiS INT crafted Amulet, and then 250k for the ring and then 250k for the earring because jewelry are the most expensive items to craft in the game (and probably the 1% of players have maxed out jewelry). Be lucky if you find a BiS jewel below 200k.

There is a reason why people is complaining that they can’t easily get them in dungeons dude!!!

And don’t respond because I won’t waste my tme debating with someone that clearly doesn’t play this game. I’m already done with you.


Sorry, now I’m done. :laughing:

Ok, so…

Laz Bow, BiS.
Laz Ring, BiS.
Garden Spear, BiS.
Dinasty Rapiers, BiS.