Attribute stat bonus are so unfair

Int and focus 300 bonuses basically does nothing and benefit nothing from it.

Lets look at INT first.
10% extra dmg on targets with full HP?
We only get one hit out of 1000 hits on elites/bosses that will do that extra 10% dmg? And that is, if you actually do get to land the first hit…


  1. make it do 10% more dmg when you have full hp.
  2. make it fo 10% more dmg when you dont/do have full stamina.

Now Focus bonus.
200% mana regen for 10s if mana hits 0
We never ever hit 0 it always end up with 5~10 mana, we basically manually pot before it ever hits 0.


  1. Increase 10% healing when mana reaches below certain %
  2. increase 10% healing when you are at full health.
  3. increase 20% mana regen when not at full stamina.

Mages/healers def have no love.
This just confirms how bias the devs are when developing this game.

Lets look at STR now,
Light and heavy atks have grit at ALL TIMES.

When mages and healers doesnt even benefit from their bonus most of the time.


The 300 point bonuses are laughably unbalanced.

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