Attributes Repec question

When you respec attributes do they all go to zero? I’ve respec’ed twice and I always have points left in focus and dex that I don’t need/use. It’s like 37 points in those two total so it’s a fair amount I could use elsewhere. Do I need to unequip weapons/armor then respec or is this normal or bugged? Need help before I spend even more gold to repsec again.
Thanks for any help.

No I believe there a base amount of points I believe it is 5 points on each stat by default. Will confirm later when I log on

Appreciate it. My con,strength, and Intel will go to 5 but like I said the focus and dex don’t go down.

Maybe it’s from items?

No zeroes. They go back as you are lvl 1 when you respec.

It resets to starting base plus any gear and maybe potions / food that you are using.

I’m not sure about potions & food because I generally don’t use those.

Okay- I’ll try unequiping everything and try that-cheers

What is our cap for attributes? If we cap and wear armor will that be added or is the cap set regardless?

I’m pretty sure that it’s a hard cap. Meaning that you can’t get past it in any way.

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Good question. From what I have read (and can’t find a definitive answer) gear does add on no matter what attributes points you have assigned. Adding on over cap makes sense as what’s the point of grinding for a piece of gear that has additional points if they don’t add on.

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Good to know, thanks.

Okay, firstly thanks for everyone’s help.
The fix was to strip off all armor and weapons. That took all categories down to 5 points.

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