Attunement nerfs should not apply to ranged weapons

Being that there is a perk that reduces elemental range damage that stacks.

On the flip side, there are no perks that reduce melee elemental damage.
Perhaps, a new perk for melee elemental damage is in order as well - that stacks. That is all!


range weapons where the main abusers of attunement. extra damage for absolutely no risk.


Nerfs were needed across the board for this perk simply to allow for more perks to be viable in different situations. It’s still going to be very strong just maybe not for every weapon now


is this a joke? ranges are dealing way more damage then melees. Range dex’s are op af!!! this people!!


We need a melee aversion perk ASAP.

Bruiser is the least skill requiring class but still outdamages all ranged.
cough Hatchet Greatword cough



Not for much longer if you check PTR changes.

Bruiser meta is changing.

310 str bruisers will now change to 300 con bruisers

Not everyone are meeeeeeeeeeeehtaaaaaaaaaaaah sheeeeeeeeeeple

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No they wont

Yea youre totally gonna feel that 40 less attunement damage

Also actually takes a little more effort to use ranged stuff…compared to dumping abilities and spamming left click.

Anywho, attunement is fine.

Would be nice to have a defensive perk that directly counters melee period though.

Only elemental and physical range defensive perks…kinda odd. Especially with the nerf to fortify…


well doesn’t seem to matter how much aversion/gem you use for thrust, its still seem to by pass the formula and do insane damage.


If you wanna disagree about the prominence of 300 con bruisers post patch I’d love to hear your reasoning.

To expand on my perspective: grit is very important to bruisers and bruisers are a necessity for clump combat.

Moving to 300 con and 210 strength as a bruiser makes sense. Staying at 310 str would leave a bruiser too susceptable to staggers and knock-downs.

A 300 con bruiser should be more effective than a 200 con bruiser post patch.

Grit is overrated. Only thing it saves you from in a clump is wrecking ball. This patch many abilities will also be losing their staggers. You wont even notice the lack of grit 90% of the time but what you will notice is how much lower your damage will be with 200str compared to 300. I see 0 reason to go with 300 con on any build

be prepared to die so fast you dont even know what killed you. BOW waves at you as they heavy attack— rapid shot---- pen shot into clumbs and players disappear. Cause bow is relatively untouched from what it is on live. Ill be going to BOW if it makes through this ptr.

We musket players are not doing more damage than a mage, bow user or melee user in the game; because of the nerfs and another nerf came too. At 28th March update the mega nerfs are coming to musket again… So, how musket range abuse that perk really while musket has the lowest dps output in the game already in both pvp and pve, because of the nerfs at every patch? Musket needs accuracy perk too now so losing a precious perk in this perspective while non of the other weapons don’t have this problem… At least differentiate ranged classes you mean in the game… At 28th March, the musket will not exist anymore… The even gives really cool pvp items to lower elemental damage reduction perks too… At this point, New World is a MELEE game… If you played in PTS, musket cannot defeat anyone anymore with the 28th March update, it doesn’t matter how good you play anymore because of RNG shoots, long wait time for bloom, accuracy, damage, skill nerfs with tons of other musket nerfs…

Attunement is single target. With a perk that can be stacked against it 5x versus ranged.

And not melee. That is my reasoning for nerfs not applying to ranged. Leave us the extra damage, and don’t make a melee aversion perk. Or create a melee elemental aversion perk and nerf attunement damage across the board.

Are you going to make vague statements continuously as well or shall we go in depth?


Let’s not stray from this either. I’d love to see a perk that implemented this.

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Does elemental aversion even affect attunement? It’s not really ranged dmg it’s just an on-hit effect. It being applied by a ranged weapon or. Melee weapon doesn’t matter no?

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it should not affect attunement, elemental aversion = ranged elemental attacks. chain,shirking XXX, and attunement are not ranged projectiles.