Attunement nerfs should not apply to ranged weapons

I think they should nerf Attunement even more… The nerf is not big enough … + nerf bow dmg since no fortify now … Low con bow players will do big dmg next patch …

Agreed, I also envy BIS items others spent months grinding for.

Ideally remove Attunement from game.

I don’t think removing attunement is a good take. It is a good perk and once it is balanced to the effectiveness of chain, enchanted, thwarting and vicious; it will be fine.

It should be 10-12 percent not 14 percent and then would be fine.

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That joke went right above your head. :joy: It’s already worse than chain and vicious (except in 1v1 duels).

Lowering it any further below 14% would render the perk useless.