Auction house attribute filter needs and/or option

I was super excited to see the the attribute filter option added to the auction house, but the way it works now, it’s not actually useful. If I’m looking for gear for a strength based build, my gear needs to have either strength, constitution, or both. This applies to most builds, you want some combination of your main damage stat and constitution. But when I use the filter to search for gear with strength or constitution, the results include gear with strength and dexterity, strength and intelligence, constitution and focus, etc. Because of this, I simply have no use for this new feature, and I must continue to search for gear with attribute keywords such as barbarian, knight, sentry, etc.

tl;dr The attribute filter in the auction house needs options for “and/or” and “at least one” when selecting multiple attributes. Currently the only option is “at least one”, which is legitimately useless.

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