Auction House Improvement Suggestions


First and foremost I love the fundamental part of your auction house system but I feel there are several problem area’s that could use some tweaks.

  1. UI: I don’t see enough items on the screen when. Is it possible to add a scaler that increases / decreases the UI of the AH. IE Show 15, show 30, show 50, etc

  2. Information: In completed section information I use to see isn’t there. Examples: Expiry or completed date & City. Is it possible to allow us to pick the fields we want to see or make the UI smaller so more fields can be showing in the table. More information is better to be able to review how well you are performing.

  3. Information: Messages are popping up to tell me I sold XYZ qty or Item Expired while I’m in the middle of things and I miss them. Can we put those messages in a log somewhere for later review when I’m not deep in combat or such. IE a chat window for “System” messages.

  4. Information: Right now the AH is missing a lot of filters. Suggestion would be to add a filter section with plenty of options. Couple key ones

  • Quality Level
  • Level range
  • Price Range
  • City posting (with all the filters rather than top corner)
  • Armour category first (Heavy, Medium, Light) then Armour Type (Head, Legs, etc) rather than reverse.
  1. Collection: I would like to be the one to collect my earnings and items so I know how well I performed since the last time I visited each city. I like this because:
    a) Fun to collect!
    b) Very informative of overall earnings since my last visit

That’s it for now!

Good luck



Yes, agree.
Also we need Filters for Stats and Stats combinations, like Strength etc… Not only to be able to select the secondary attributes. Also to be able to see what Items same values are priced in AH.
More Filters when selling for the Items in stash, it’s horrible to have to scroll the whole list again and again. It would be a start if the AH remembers on what position of the the list I changed to sell, and then I switch back and have to start from top? it’s: :confused:

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Agreed on all of the above.

It would also be nice if you could sort the “completed orders” by time/date and also by territory, so that it would be possible to see what has sold during the night and where.

And as of right now, it is near impossible to tell if my items has been undercut, or if I have that item listed at all at the current trading post, if I have listed the same item on several trading posts. So it would be nice if it said which trading post my current items was listed at, and also highlighted my own listings so I could see which were mine without having to try to recognize them from the pricing.

Also, the limit on 100 open orders gets filled up real quick when you’re placing both buy- and sell orders in multiple towns. So it would be nice if the limit was 100 per town, and not just 100 in total. Or better yet, no limit.

Stop calling it an auction house. It is no such thing. There are no auctions.

To your point… Correction… market place… all comments hold true regardless however.

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I really hope the devs will read your post. +1 to all your suggestions!

I did a similar post:

I would like to see the following item filters:

  • Filter item with Gem Socket

  • Filter item with one of the Attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, Constitution)

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Yes, me need an auction log. This should be in the auction window as an additional tab.

Yes, we need information about town (!!!) and time, when a sale has been done

Additionally, I like to have a “hotkey” list of items I am always interested in. So I like to “mark” an item for interest, and then there sould be an additional entry point on the level of “Armor”, “Tools” etc. which only shows a list of my “marked” items.

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