Auction House Ledger disappears every day

In the " My Orders " tab within the Trading Post we are suppose to have a ledger of what we have bought and sold overtime. Mine literally disappears with every log in. I spend anywhere from 3-5 hours on the Trading Post flipping materials everyday.

Iif I have 3 different posts of sandflux, all with quantities between 3k and 5k and all 3 at different prices it is RIDICULOUSLY tedious to keep track of my records by hand with pen and paper.

Please, let us keep this information. What would it be, another .txt file in the game folder? I am sure it won’t take up too much space

And while we are at it, can we stop instantly deleting our company chat as well (seems to disappear within the hour)? Several other games log 5-7 days of chat and the players seem to like that. I’d like to scroll back in my Companies conversations to see if I have missed anything. Most games do it this way, don’t be worse for the sake of being different please. @AMAZON

EDIT: Or just stop sitting on your hands and allow addons plz so the gamers can create the interfaces that the gamers want.

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