Auction House/Market Place Suggestions

A few things id like to have added to improve the quality of life using the market place:

  • Sorting by more than one tag like by price and gear score not just one

  • Time stamps of items sold. id like to be able to see what time stuff sold at so i know what time is the best to sell

  • How much gold earned not necessarily per individual unit sold in the stack listed just in total at the very least. i know theres a banner that appears while online but i either am not online when it sells or im not paying attention while doing other stuff in game.

  • sort by level ranges not just a checkbox that says “can equip”

  • Make it easier to sell actual equipment like armor and weapons. as things are right now its impossible to know what you should sell your equipment for without researching in the buy category first and even then you most likely wont find the exact kind of thing youre looking for.

If anyone else has something theyd like added feel free to reply :slight_smile:


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