Aureus Knights - Devourer - Marauders - PvX

Aureus Knights are recruiting **Marauders **on the Devourer server


We are a PvX Company on Devourer repping the Marauder faction focused on finding the fun. We do regular events and plan on participating on all content as a company. If you’re looking for a mature, fun focused Company, hit us up.

Feel free to DM me for details in game (Taas McGrey), join us on discord ( or on our website (

A little about AKS…

More than just a Company, Aureus Knights traces its lineage back to a group of friends who began playing games together in 1997. Fast-forward to 2006, that group of friends got tired of jumping between guilds in different games, so we decided to found AKS: a place where a core group of players could always find each other, and could always count on having a guild based on the principles of Respect, Honor, Loyalty, and Friendship.

We were at one point the largest and most active North American guild in FFXIV, we were a top guild in Warhammer Online and we’ve had presence in most games that have come out since we formed up in 2006.

A little about AKS in New World…

We decided to wait out the launch of New World so we’re just getting started here - we have members who are veterans and folks who just joined at the start of Fresh Start. We have something for everyone, but some highlights are:

  • Regular planned events
  • Experienced officer team in a community that’s fun focused and drama free
  • Truly PvX - we plan on taking on wars, open world PvP, expeditions and more

Would be interested in joining company.