Auto Ban Bot! EXTREME reporting EXPLOIT!

@NW_Mugsy So you’re saying, with 100% certainty, that there is NO automated ban system in place? Regardless of how many reports are submitted against a person, there is NO system that will hand out a temporary ban without user input? So EVERY instance of a player being banned has been an active decision by a New World mod/admin/user after they reviewed EVERY applicable report?


I just want to be simple on my explanation, so there is a policy system in Amazon, and you have stated that there is a system that detects players doing certain things and this said specific, detection system for banning players, many players are getting banned by companys, I have heard a lot about how when a company goes to war with another company, they just mass report the competitor company leader the day before the battle and the system detects this and this leader gets false banned, so that leader will have to appeal and that is a 24-48 hour wait time, so this way the company eliminated there competition for the next day and they win the territory. A lot of players are false reporting and this detection system where it detects a player getting reported a lot and just auto bans them, than they need to go through a appeal process.
You guys need to change this, Amazon does. There needs to not be any Auto ban for a player getting mass reported, there needs to be a system where if a player gets mass reported, the player is placed automatically on a 48-72 hour MUTE while Amazon support investigates the reports and let the actual human being people do the suspending or banning themselves, this way players can continue to play the game as a muted player and they don’t get angry from unjustified reporting, if the players reporting are legitimately reporting then let the human being that investigates do the suspension or ban, until than, let players play the game as a MUTED player on a 48-72 Time period.
Many players get angry when unjustly banned from false reporting and this detection system, I just explained to you what needs to be done, this will remove player anger in the ban aspect. Players would be much happier being Muted for 72 hours and being able to play the game, while reports are being investigated and this being investigated for legitimacy than an outright system ban for bans whether they are legitimate or false, and right now there is a lot more false banning going on than legitimate banning, so much abusing to the report system right now.

Than why are many company leaders complaining that competitor companys mass report any competitor company leader the day before a war and get them bot banned so they have to go through a appeal process and that way the company that got competitor company leader banned wins the territory, this is happening in a lot of aspects and factors in New World, my friend got banned because he had TTV in his name, people kept whispering him telling him they don’t like TTV and they are reporting him, so he got banned and than he had to do a 24-48 hour appeal process and he got unbanned, this is UNJUSTIFIED reporting, this is happening hardcore.

Normally you shouldn’t have to do this, but there are threads upvoted into the thousands every day on reddit about players being banned conveniently right before war. Is it possible they are lying about what they really did? I don’t know, perhaps, but it’s gotten so crazy on reddit someone needs to step in with an official statement to clear all this up, or like other games have done in the past, a community manager/dev/someone reply back to those threads on what the player actually did to get banned (That is, if they aren’t being truthful). Or you guys need to simply come out and admit mistakes on incorrect bans whether it’s through an automated system, or through human error. It’s gotten too big to ignore at this point.


I agree, the ban issue is a MASSIVE thing on Reddit and for players right now, Amazon needs to step in and figure out how to fix this.

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Probably the best solution would be to have explicit information in the ban notice, like a sample of the chat log or a detailed explanation of the violation. I think the lack of information is confusing and frustrating. I am working with the team to improve this for players.


So you’re saying every single ban is manually verified and approved? Every. Single. One?

Then you need to hire better people to verify and come up with better and clearer guidelines for what is a banworthy offense.


If you need someone to review logs against the code of conduct for about 2 hours a day, sounds like a great job. Can I be the person that responds to someone who complains about a ban and prove them liars!! That would be fun.

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RIP Mod_Z you are one of the best on the whole forum through pre-release. Suspended.

Yes. Easy Anti-Cheat is for cheats.

That is neither here nor there in the conversation of mass false reports. Which if review by a human like you keep stating, they wouldn’t make their errors in the bans. They would clearly see the chat-log reported and see nothing wrong happened and they wouldn’t be banned.


So, you are saying with 100% certainty beyond a reasonable doubt that no bans are automated? What happens if a bunch of people mass report someone for cheating? There are no automated bans? What about for an offensive name, spamming in chat, etc? In no circumstance are there automated bans?


Well we have requested a SAR request from amazon based on this. Shall see what we get!

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It’s confusing and frustrating and I haven’t even been a part of this report stuff. I feel like everyone should just be afraid if any small group of players can just outright instantly ban anyone they want without any reason.

And the victim has to go through a convoluted appeals process. While the offender can enjoy instant short term benefits without reprecussions.

Yeah explicit information in the bans is VERY IMPORTANT. This not only protects the people getting wrongly banned, it protects the company by reinforcing their case for banning the player.

Right now players are reporting that they got banned before a war and no real information outside of the report reason is given to the person who was banned. This information just LOOKS like automation on its face.

If its attention farming scum who are drumming up victimhood when they were clearly in the wrong, transparency in the ban reason protects AGS. This is why calls are recorded in business settings and why drivers have dash cams in their company vehicles.


@NW_Mugsy This is interesting in relation to your response.


Wowwwwww I guess amazon lies to make it seem like they don’t have automatic bots banning people. What a company.


Not to mention streamers confirming they’ve been banned for doing nothing. Normally I wouldn’t take the word of a streamer, but Fextralife is pretty laid back.

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Speaking frankly there’s really only two ways to look at this.

Either you’re confidently mistaken about your own banning process, or you have human employees mass banning people for infractions they aren’t investigating. And then refusing to overturn those bans when people appeal.

It’s not a good look. This early in the game every day counts for companies looking to progress and having territory taken from them unfairly could be all that’s needed to knock a faction out of the competition with the way wars are currently balanced. Not to mention there are a bunch of free transfers looming in the distance - if players feel their faction is too weak to compete, they will leave in droves and you will have a massive balance problem to fix.

Hoping these issues are rectified ASAP! :pray:


This is pretty bad, new world support directly said that a ban is 24 hour automated, Please fix this, NO more Automated Banning, there needs to NOT be any AUTOMATED BANNING, automated banning can mean any player group or company can mass report another person, even false report and Automated Ban will happen, this looks very bad on Amazon and the Automated Banning needs to be REMOVED!


I would even understand that some tech support or moderator have spoken wrongly.

But given the fact that EVERY SINGLE ban falls under the “Abusive Behavior” category, have NO OTHER REASONS for people getting banned, makes everything EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS.

Not providing a real reason AND evidence (like chat logs) of such thing, just let us believe that is is automated.

Exactly, spot on.

wow thats not looking good for amazon one says one thing another proves its bs …

if faction wars is won and lost this way it makes there system a bigger mess than it already is and is likely to piss off what little pvp players there is !!

after playing beta and now full game there best be more content incoming and fast as i see most pve players abandoning past lvl 60 for lack of things to do and if this is a real thing of mass reporting guilds to win wars pve players looking to dabble in pvp aint going to bother and pvp players are just going to leave …

basically dooming the game !!

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