Auto Ban Bot! EXTREME reporting EXPLOIT!

Not to mention streamers confirming they’ve been banned for doing nothing. Normally I wouldn’t take the word of a streamer, but Fextralife is pretty laid back.

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Speaking frankly there’s really only two ways to look at this.

Either you’re confidently mistaken about your own banning process, or you have human employees mass banning people for infractions they aren’t investigating. And then refusing to overturn those bans when people appeal.

It’s not a good look. This early in the game every day counts for companies looking to progress and having territory taken from them unfairly could be all that’s needed to knock a faction out of the competition with the way wars are currently balanced. Not to mention there are a bunch of free transfers looming in the distance - if players feel their faction is too weak to compete, they will leave in droves and you will have a massive balance problem to fix.

Hoping these issues are rectified ASAP! :pray:


This is pretty bad, new world support directly said that a ban is 24 hour automated, Please fix this, NO more Automated Banning, there needs to NOT be any AUTOMATED BANNING, automated banning can mean any player group or company can mass report another person, even false report and Automated Ban will happen, this looks very bad on Amazon and the Automated Banning needs to be REMOVED!


I would even understand that some tech support or moderator have spoken wrongly.

But given the fact that EVERY SINGLE ban falls under the “Abusive Behavior” category, have NO OTHER REASONS for people getting banned, makes everything EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS.

Not providing a real reason AND evidence (like chat logs) of such thing, just let us believe that is is automated.

Exactly, spot on.

wow thats not looking good for amazon one says one thing another proves its bs …

if faction wars is won and lost this way it makes there system a bigger mess than it already is and is likely to piss off what little pvp players there is !!

after playing beta and now full game there best be more content incoming and fast as i see most pve players abandoning past lvl 60 for lack of things to do and if this is a real thing of mass reporting guilds to win wars pve players looking to dabble in pvp aint going to bother and pvp players are just going to leave …

basically dooming the game !!

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I haven’t suffered any bans, thankfully! But based on what I’ve been reading on reddit, and here, you ABSOLUTELY DO have bots automating your bans. Don’t lie! You just make yourself, and amazon, look bad!

Your automation needs some very serious work, because it’s being abused, heavily…particularly for the wars. You need to address it, because you will lose customers over it.

To be clear, your 24 hour bans are automated. You’re permanent bans are not, or at least, they shouldn’t be.


I think people are putting a lot of weight on the wrong things here…

A no name moderator account vs the community management team. I’m gonna assume mugsy is right 100% of the time unless he’s getting countered by someone above him which would be really unlikely.

I think the focus should be that more details and context for bans needs to be present on the ban notifications. Chat logs, or etc attached.

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Idk man. This is a No Win scenario. Either mugsy is telling the truth and some really shitty bans have been happening or mugsy is trying to lie about using bots for report waves. Not good either way.

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Here is my story. I was banned unjustly after having a fun night of friendly banter and pvp. I submitted 3 tickets and got on the online support center with a rep who told me to wait untill they got back with me. 3 days later I finally get a notice saying my 24 hour ban is over, with no reason other than the rules….

So I decided to wreak havoc on my server to hopefully fix the banning system for a fun game

Rules state treat other the way you want to be treated…. That means every and anything is bannable…

I started reporting left and right and anyone coming close to crossing a boundary or would hurt a 3 year olds feelings. and it worked!! Over the next 2 day everyone was saying how there friends were getting banned. I was laughing so hard as I was evening the playing field so I could catch back up after my ban.

Eventually I thought of the funniest way to wreak havoc. I told the entire server “be careful, other opposing factions will be banning each other to get ahead in wars, they will get 10+ players in a group and start counter banning.”

Again havoc was absolutely wreaked on my server. Some people even getting double banned.

Ban me again see what happens… I’ll wreak havoc at no cost for I am xin, the chosen nerd! Muahahahaha

Deleting the response of your Forum Mod that actually told the truth just makes you & your team look confused or dishonest! We wouldn’t be here on the forums, reddit & twitter raising the issue repeatedly if it weren’t an actual problem. Your team covering it up, lying to & gaslighting users with valid claims while allowing other forum users to bully them on your behalf isn’t a good idea on your part.

Your smart play would be to issue a sincere public apology & provide us with a clear roadmap of how you intend to improve your system, policies & punishments in response to this situation.


I think this would be a solid step forward.

I’ve only been banned once. I came back to WoW after a six-month break and found I’d been permabanned. It turned out that someone has accessed my account and used it to spam global with gold site messages.

I contacted CS, they set me up with Blizzard’s two-step identification, and I was playing again three days later.

If I’d simply logged on and learned I’d gotten a perma for Disruptive Chat, it would have taken longer to resolve the issue and I’d be angry and upset with Blizzard until someone told me what had happened.

Having a transparent system in place can help reduce player frustration and confusion.


The way you fix this is start mass reporting. People will be fed up and these dogs will fail, and will have to find new jobs

No, were I to do what you suggested it would just lower me to their level & subject me to penalization for false reporting - also making me part of the problem in the process.

The way this will get fixed is by impacted users refusing to back down in the face of Amazons blatant lies & misinformation!

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They don’t typically respond to your appeal via email either. Your appeals go nowhere and you will never find out why you were banned. If people mass report you, it is an automated system ban like the individual linked above from their message. This has been an issue since beta with the mass reports / ban. I don’t think AGS actually looks at their feedback.


That will do nothing. This is kinda like a weapon buff in certain games. While people you an OP weapon in pvp. Others say “I’m not stooping to there level” and the devs see that statistics that the weapon isn’t actually op. The way for the devs to know is for everyone to pick up the weapon and start abusing it. Keep doing you though. I’ll work towards a better game

Why not just mute people who get reported for verbal abuse? If somebody gets an abnormal amount they get flagged for manual review. If most reviews come from people who all play within the same company you flag those accounts as well for possible mass reporting. More flags = tempbans for mass reporters.

Once reviewed you dish out the appropriate ban(s).

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Muting a player for a review process and allowing a player to keep playing is a smarter and more happy medium tactic that players will appreciate than just a auto ban from a bit because a lot of players that get false reported get extremely angry from getting bot banned from false reporting, there needs to be no bot banning, this is supposed to be a only human operated ban system, there should not be a Bot banning players because players will use that to there advantage like they are RIGHT NOW and they will abuse the system, like they are.
Your bot should only be allowed to Mute players for a human review process while being able to play, if a player gets a lot of reports, simple as that.

I want you to read this, this guy is claiming that there competitors just spam reported there guild members to remove the competition and now half of there entire guild is banned, you guys need to REMOVE the bot banning, A Bot for New World should not be ALLOWED to ban any player, only mute!

There is a AUTOBAN BOT system that needs to be removed, players are getting banned in MASSIVE amounts by People EXPLOITING the Report system, this report system is being completely Exploited to benefit companys for winning territory’s and a bunch of other things,
Things have gotten so bad that if you have cookie in your name and somebody thinks your name is funny, they can report you just because they feel like it, Anybody can report ANYBODY because they feel like exploiting the REPORT SYSTEM and a Auto Ban Bot will just ban that said player, this is RIDICULOUS!

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