Auto bans are reality and customer support is useless

One year ago three companies competed for annual " Most Useless Game Support" …Electronic Arts,Big Point and War Gaming …move aside amateurs …let real number one most useless game support step into spotlight and take its rightful place …step forth AGS and take your rightful number one spot as “The Most Useless Game Support” ever.

Three days ago i log in to do my daily crafting and see if there was anybody on server with 2000 + players to run few M10’s. Looking over to chat i find five or so Russians gloating about their “victories” in Ukraine…ignoring it as usual (just like AGS does) i move on to making my gypsum.

Five minutes later i spot one post on that chat that lets say on ANY other game would guarantee lifetime ban ,i react as any moral person would and challenge that player…five minutes later following mass report i get banned for two days for " Abusive Behavior" .

Challenging that ban for “Abusive Behavior” i get response from useless support that my 2 day ban for “Cheating” will stand on …and it did …for nearly four days

Not only is this support useless when dealing with complaints it is also useless in other regards … Only in India (where AGS cheap support is located) does one day last 40 hours.

When so called " Support responds here on forums for matters of auto bans they toe party line …that being that there are no Auto bans …which is rubbish

Takes minimum 20 separate reports to trigger any kind of ban …AGS wants us to believe that their “Support” manually trawled trough 20 minutes of chat ,most of which was in foreign language and then this mighty " support" banned me.

In conclusion …if you get banned in this game,don’t bother appealing your ban,by the time that shower of primary school rejects even bother to reply to you your ban will expire and instead of
being told to watch what you say on chat you will be branded cheater.

AGS is just like Amazon Basics… they take someone else’s idea and turn it into a shitty outsourced imitation.

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yap. this is still a thing and i wont think it will go away. ags has a lot of money but they hire ppl who do not know the game.