Auto potions are being added so that bots can operate in more dangerous areas

Pretty soon we will be fighting them in wars


I don’t mind bots that the devs control – i.e., NPCs
But yeah, depending on the cost, it could make RMT bots more robust in the open world.
And if it costs too much, that would just make things worse – bots don’t need this advantage but players will no doubt buy RMT goods to craft this advantage, or buy RMT money to buy it off the Trading Post.


bots won’t certainly use pots that cost 500 coins each, are you out of your mind?

Auto-potion system should not be implemented!!!

Game its already easy … what will be coming next? Auto-fighting? Official auto-farm (bot)?

We should demand this feature to not be implemented. The same like community did when Amazon wanted to implement different split stats boost.

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Don’t listen to the jelly haters.

Are you nuts?

Do you think we haven’t hit the point in botting for them to drop below a threshold and it triggers a potion anyways?

thing is, people that code bots ALSO code pot/food usage based on % hp…the twist ehre is, bots always had “auto pots”


Very good point…

Using a potion requires fleeing and you cant attack during the animation

Now people can just autopot and keep spamming left click attacks…
It completely ruins the combat

Hard NO on “auto-potting” FFS!

Stupid idea, hope it never gets implemented.

Yeah I don’t see the bots doing this since most of them just do a respawn right now, I have seen a bot that does a suicide jump(or at least I assume its a programmed jump for the free transport)

This topic reminds me of something

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