Autoclicker people

So many people with autoclick, so they can go outside to work and game will not kick them!!!

Fix this, so other people could join game pls.


I can assure you that the people doing this is a very low percentage. It’s a new mmo and there are always queue issues man. Chill

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Amazon should fix this by forcing people to actually do something productive during certain period of time. For example, you must complete a quest, craft something, gather resources, kill mobs etc. during 30 minutes otherwise game would ask a question “Logging off in 1 minute, press [random key] to continue playing”.


I’ve seen quite a few streamers already doing this, and if the streamers are doing it their fans will be too

and then what about the people RPing that have to deal with a dumb prompt every 30 min? (not saying that’s me just being devils advocate)

its a video game, if someone wants to be just in game and chillin but not doing “something productive” towards the point of the game, that’s their choice, not saying its right, just saying.

I agree the queues need to be handled, this was in closed beta 2 times, and open beta once, they should have known 2000 player cap on servers was going to cause MAJOR issues.

This is not the fault of the players (they will always find a way around getting kicked for being AFK) but the fault of the lack of foresight in server capacity.

No puede ser que lleve más de una hora para entrar, y me salga un error estando casi a menos de 1000 de cola…
Y tengo que volver a entrar en el servidor con más de 3200 en cola
Esto supone volver a esperar más de hora y media que ya llevaba esperando.
No puede ser que comprando la edición deluxe pase esto
Como tampoco puede ser que la previsión para este tipo de posibles trabas a la hora de iniciar el juego, no estuvieran consideradas por parte de los desarrolladores.
Y digo de nuevo, no es admisible que estés en cola, te dé un error y tengas que volver a empezar la cola de cero…

Rogue_Si, the question would be asked only if the player did not do something meaningful in the game. What that meaningful could be is to be defined. I just gave examples.

We have a community of about 350 people in our discord, all of our members are using AutoClicker or Auto-Hotkey as a means to be able to join the server or they end up waiting 3-5 hours. I would advise that a better solution be created so that players can enjoy the servers they want without massive que times. By this I mean allow cross server migration of saved data instead of locking that data to one server. As a programmer myself I know this really isnt hard to do as it was in the past and can be simply automated.

I think that perhaps a solution to prevent users from staying connected while AFK for hours on end is a “are you still here” check, asking player to type a letter or word to remain connected.

I’ve been reporting players I see that are autorunning into a wall. The real fix is to increase the per server cap above 2000. Most big streamers easily have that many followers and they want to play with the streamer.

I think that is when we noticed a lot of lag during the beta testing, during the stress tests where they had nearly 2k on a server, there was a good bit of performance complaints. I believe that is why server limits were reduced.

I understand with this type of game it’s important to have optimal conditions, no one likes getting in a dungeon or something and getting killed to lag. I also think that there is a lot of people who want to pvp in this game and that is impossible with server lag.

I still feel the option to switch servers with a character is best, not some paid service to switch servers like I think they have planned, but just allowing people to do so when they like so that they can go to a low pop server, level to max in half the time, then return to their high pop to wait in Que.

The whole part of MMO is to play with friends. I know most people want to just grind to max level in 30 hours. That’s fine, let them do that. I actually enjoy playing with friends which, unfortunately, means I have to wait on queue.

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