Autorun is bugged


From time to time autorun is off. It is annoying because I cannot run and write at one time. I am not sure if you know this bug so it is better to inform you. :slight_smile:

Hello @Fox_deClermont Thank you for your report! Auto Run is a known issue

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See you in Aeternum!

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

For now there is a work around.

Autorun gets broken when you are trying to open something but cannot because someone else is opening it. This happens with gathering nodes and with things like the Azoth staff, so corruption runs will have this happen often. To fix it, gather anything, whether its a chest or a bush or picking up flint.

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Well It works backwards for me. When ever I stop to gather things, herbs, hemp, chest. I can not move or run or walk. I have to unstuck to continue.
No I am not encumbered i am less then half my carry weight. In fighting it really sucks, because mobs respawn fast enough i have to fight them twice or hope I can run.

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