"Avail." column shows "Owned"

in the trade post window when buying, the column “Avail.” doesn’t show the amount of items the seller put up for sale, but shows the amount of items I own of this item type.

Please keep both columns in the window: the “Avail.” AND the “Owned”


Please fix this. It’s a bit frustrating when trying to buy in bulk and then you open an item for sale and there is only 3, for example.

I have the same problem

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We’re aware of this and will be fixing it in an upcoming patch. However, it’s worth noting that the column still sorts the sell orders properly based on the number of items available. That might help out when trying to purchase in bulk!



Sorting items by price is more helpful.

It seems like when sorting by price, it used to sort by the sell order that had the least time remaining (when multiple sell orders were at the same price).

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