Average dmg of Firestaff Ice Gaunt player in OPR?

Would it be around 500,000 dmg in OPR? Just trying to see where I stack up.



Pretty sure this guy posted a topic complaining about his team flaming him for running meteor shower yesterday. Really need a confirmed troll tag for him.

That was me and I was not complaining just observing that when a player runs meteor they will get trolled. This post is about dmg in OPR that mages do. Where do you come to the conclusion that I need a troll tag? Is it troll to make observations and ask relevant questions pertaining to the game? Please elaborate if you are going to make troll claims about players, proof is a solid first step in that process.

I’m pretty incompetent and I tend to get around the 300k mark.

Statpadders be like: Am I doing it right?

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Because there is no way your only putting up 500k while running one of the biggest statpad abilities in the game. Theres a limit to how bad someone can be and between this and your post yesterday its pretty obvious your baiting.

If you think he’s trolling then stop feeding the troll
@Bobthefeeder lol

(sorry just wanted to make the pun lol)

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I just did over a million dmg but sometimes it’s 500,000 sometimes it’s 800,000…again why is this thread trolling to ask about dmg averages? Why does my meteor shower post bother you so? You no fan of teh meteor?

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I made a post on meteor shower you should read but basically the closer you get to a one shot the more likely heals aren’t going to save someone it’s why the combos are so effective and considered op but meteor does small amounts of damage that don’t provide utility to yourself or your teammates like a rend, weaken, stagger or stun you can put heal a meteor shower with a regen pot.

That being said it could have usefulness next patch if you have the weapon perk on your armor and tempering fireball on your staff then you can hit 10 people and get the 20 % empower super consistently and then throw a fireball.

Meteor shower is a meme of an ability. It doesn’t have any real kill potential. It’s literally a “stat padding” ability. Which is why people will troll you.

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