Average Expertise is Miscalculated

All ten of my armor pieces are 620 and my average gear score is 620. So far all is well. However, my Average Expertise is 615. Huh? Well, if I add in the 564 for the EMPTY shield slot and recalculate the Average Expertise for “11” items the result is 614.9. In no school of math is this acceptable.

… i know AGS isnt weighted the same

im wondering if AES is also weighted unequally for no reason… as well i dont think AES even matters for anything. though thats no excuse for shotty math.

When I mentioned this discrepancy in Discord to my company awhile back, they explained it away via the weighted argument. I said I might buy it if the numbers didn’t balance by including the null shield value. But my gear scores were all over the place and I put it out of mind.

Now we have a different kettle of fish entirely. Weighted or not the end result must equal 100%. Since all my items are 620 the weighting, if any, is moot.

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