Average Gear Score not calculating properly

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I am fairly certain that shield slot is counting against the total despite not being in use for most characters.

People have done pretty extensive testing on it and say the shield is not a factor in the slightest.
But I concede that it is entirely possible that they broke something related to shield this patch and now it does count.

But even then the maths is wrong.
616 *9 +617 = 6161
6161 / 10 = 616.1

616*9+617+610 = 6761
6761 / 11 = 614.6

So if it were counting the shield it should display me at 614 not 615

It’s not rounding either. I upped two pieces from 615 to 616 earlier, expecting it to go to 616 overall when i did, but if you rerun the maths with the two 615’s it comes out to:

616 x 7
615 x2
617 x 1
600 x 1
total 6759

6759 / 11 = 614.4
so rounding would pull that to 614. but the image of it here clearly shows it is still listed as 615 gear score

Other things considered:
Weapons not equipped having their expertise affect it - debunked
weapons, armour and jewelry counting their own averages, then averaging against 3 - debunked

Getting anecdotal reports of people with higher than their average gear score reported as well, via various methods. That I will attempt to replicate the next set of umbral shards i get.

Taking my second weapon to 617 put my average gs to 616.

I’ll provide another update of what it takes to get to 617 while i test various things

There’s a weighted system for averaging your gearscore.

Use this to know what to upgrade next.



it makes interesting choices, do we have a write up of the algorithm that controls the weighting anywhere?

for those interested in the numbers, I scraped this from the calculator listed above.

‘Weapon 2’,‘Weapon 1’ 22.5% ea

‘Amulet’,‘Ring’,‘Earring’ 6.66% ea

‘Chest’ 12.25%
‘Legs’,‘Head’ 7%
‘Hands’ 5.25%
‘Feet’ 3.5%

Weapon total 45%
Jewelry total 20%
Armour total 35%

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