Avid PvP player asking desperatly for a server merge

I’ll try to make my post as short as possible.
I started my New World journey at the beginning of the game, been a journeyman and enjoyed the good and the bad of this game fully.

Since the only real pleasure i get from games is mostly pvp, i had to go on and chase this TOXIC system of server transfers that you have put on.

I couldnt have bought any cosmetic items, couse the little money i wanted to spend on the game i always had to pursue for the before said server transfers. This just doesnt make sense, becouse people are flooding and just excaping servers when they want to, creating one of the WORST feeling of an MMO.

The sense of LONELINESS.
I want to play and do pvp quickly and not think about that my server is yet again dieying and that in 1 week time i will again need to buy another transfer token.

Please, either rethink this system, or merge the server FAE, or whatever server, way more faster, couse it only creates bad moments overall for whoever has to whitstand it.

Thanks for listening, if anyone ever will from the upper ends.



Yeah im on fae aswell and this is outrageous!! You literally said what i was thinking!


please do it


i’ve did a post about it as well


Server is bleeding numbers because there is no merge,people are moving to 1500+ or 2k+ servers. Merge needs to happen at this point.


I think posting this topic on fae discord might be better idea so devs can realize how bad things are in fae atm.

There are 10+ servers above FAE, just transfer to one of them. ez

oh really u think we didnt think about that?

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did you even read the post? i already did 5 paid trasnfers, couse this policy they have is legit toxic, and is creating a bad enviroment
i shouldnt be in need to PAY everytime a server in this game dies, couse the server transfer mechanic works like this


Shit for players, good for AGS. It’s a kind of economical system for them, comparable to a monthly subscription. And they don’t even have to care anymore about servers merges since the players are regulating the servers by themselves, transferring as soon as a server starts to die, because in the end, you want to play the game.

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You said it yourself very well. And i of course know that no corporation wants or works for your well being, but does it for money

But at the end of the day, if the system is shit for players, players that actually care about the game will move on and stop giving a flying f about it all. I just want to play the game, and dont sped money on transfers, but maybe on nice cosmetics and other things.

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This system is so frustrating that you need to transfer every month to be on a healthy server.

Its a shame in the first plays that people need to invest so much time on planing to keep a server healthy in the first plays. AGS please rethink your system. Also please merge servers like fae etc faster.

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Also why is a Server like Barri still locked…

I cant believe they are not merging fae

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NAH, but this HAS to be a joke right?


zzzz imagine not merging fae

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Is not mentioned in you main post that you paid 5 transfers, if that’s true. I ported away as well from few 3-4 servers this year after the spring merges, it is what it is sadly. But your server atm is kinda dead atm but like i said there are 10-15 servers above it more alive. What i did before i transfered away was to gather info about the server, made a character there also.

PS: lol ok it seems they will do it, unexpected, i think is kinda rushed atm since i doubt that everyone playing on fresh servers will stay there & they will come back to them mains. Fae & Tupia left out…

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Ever think the guy might have a guild too?


Yes please!