Avid PvP player asking desperatly for a server merge

I don’t think server pop is your issue here personally.

M10s weren’t that common in group finder even when we were above 2k users. Pugging M10s just isn’t really a thing and its become even more less common place with the changes to mutations at least on my server.

As far as the 3v3 que… its 3 people versus 3. If it’s that long of a que it means that you can’t find six people on your server interested in 3v3. Because it would be firing off each time it paired two groups of 3. IF this was somehow some abhorent que issue where there is a limit on 3v3 then a larger server would be worse.

This actually, like the m10 speaks to the content and volume of players interested from those online and doesn’t really correlate to server concurrency. IF this game is filled with so many PVP players why is the 3v3 que so slow? That’s a fraction of even a low pop population.

Essentially with a 3v3 que…your only ever waiting for 5 more. The longest you should ever have to wait is how long it takes to do a single 3v3 series. That assumes you are waiting for them to finish so you can grab some of the previous competitiors on the next cycle. The time reflects this isnt happening and that means you have fewer than 6 people in que…i.e. no pvp interest.

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The heart button can’t be slammed hard enough to emphasize how important this comment is. It is egregious that we’re still stuck with queues on our server only for anything instanced. The instanced content is most of what the end game is comprised of outside of things like chest runs. I guess there are people who craft/gather all day too and I’m sure even they’d be happy to see us leaving their nodes alone.

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All new server transfers or merges will go into the Fresh Start Servers beginning next qtr., 1 April 2023.

By that time I ll have left the game forever and I ll never come back if they do this to me.

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Why would people even return from fresh to FAE?
Abaton getting merged with 1700 playerbase… ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT THE SAME FAE SERVER?

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Seems like it, cause the legacy servers will be dead and the new high pop server will be the “fresh start” ones. I mean why should people even come back from fresh start servers?

Please merge this server. There’s no OPR, no M10, market is a mess… Peak hour with 745 players.


This is 100% an AGS problem.

My pleasure is to craft and gather the things I need to craft. I can’t do that on a busy server because any remotely rare resources are constantly camped.

I can’t imagine anyone ever said ‘my gaming dream is to camp on an ore node all day in the hopes I might one day make a sword which will probably roll with awful perks which I will then have to trash on the off chance of getting a single ingot back’

That might work if resources were plentiful but not in NW.

So I chase quiet servers.

I am not a big PvP player but I’d be the person you see around town, the person that might be selling a nice weapon with a pvp trait and the person who runs the missions from the town board that build up your fort. I might jump in on OPR now and then to give you a pin cushion. But I won’t do that if I have to move servers to get materials.

AGS need to make busy servers appealing to more than just the PvP players or we’ll always migrate away if we can.

@Kay @Luxendra So yeah its almost 2 weeks that we dont get to play the game because the server is slowly disappearing, and yet you keep us in this limbo state, saying that fae has more “hidden” players? Are you guys actually joking, we just want to enjoy YOUR game, and we cannot couse your policy on balancing servers is legit fucked up.

Please merge fae ASAP.


They still have a hope people will buy more transfer tokens xd you can wait xd Its insane how situation changed after 1 month xd from qs on every server to empty servers. Check FSSs same from 1000-2000 in q to 1700 in the highest peak in 2 weeks…

Most people moved away from Fae at this point its matter of time the server going to collapse.
The problem on Fae is there are players who logs for 30 min then swaps to their fresh server and devs think those players are active players this is why fae is a downfall. I understand AGS position but those who is playing active on fae suffers due to this problem.

Your approaching the request for transfer from the wrong angle, not once do you mention get rid of the stinking bots. In fact rarely does anyone address bots.

You want change, get rid of the auto bot farmers , till than, the numbers on the servers are even. Or else you would have been transferred already.

Really you should stop whining for a more active server and clean up the trash on your server first. Moving your problem to another server cause you dont have to the walls to put bots in their place.


hey sir holmes, i always report bots when i see them, what else am i in power to do?? ur saying this like its our fault to play on a server full of bots lol
we know they are bots, they know it aswell, i mean, if you NEVER enter a dungeon or a pvp content, there is a 75% chance ur a bot right?

So pls dont even try to sell me on this, i just want them to fix this horrible situation @Kay


I wanted to thank AGS for letting the server completly die, for causing the top companys and many players all this fucking trouble to transfer all over again cause AGS is incapable of keeping servers alive and healthy.

Congrats on getting about 200 players buying transfer tokens yet again, mission accomplished.

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I have no idea how the fundamentals work (servers, connections, hardware etc.) but this is the solution. Merging is not important if cross server play is enabled. Imagine having a cluster connected within the group finder and PvP. New World would really take it to another level if so because the experience of gameplay will become better since it’s a world that comes to life. Now, even as a tank, it’s going quite slow to find a group since there is a lack of users on the group finder. Sure, it’s not really an issue as a tank but I can see the overall improvement.

Additional merges are coming soon.


Please do not merge Orefena into or with another server. We are happy with how it is now.


From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t look like Orofena is planned for merge soon. That could change, but afaik it’s not getting merged or merged into soon.

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Honestly if you merge Death and Medea into Avalon that would be huge… Medea struggles to hit 1,000 players let alone 900… This last weekend we hit a peak of 1,012 on Saturday PRIME time… That’s not a very good population base.

Not to mention our map is yellow Minion Corp, Casey, Kenneths Angels, are all a company called Prim. You guys can check there PREVIOUS Names and see that. Minion Corp used to be called Primstone Sands (as they owned Brimstone), Casey used to be called flat out just Prim, and Kenneths Angels used to be called Prim Stomping Grounds.

Besides the fact Medea is also 50% chinese farm bots and fake accounts. We’ve seen so many of them. I watched an account smack a wall in Monarchs Bluffs for over 2 hours lol. MIND You I didn’t sit there for two hours but each time I had come back he was still there doing so.

Merging Death which has zero bots as it was key access only for quite some time. Into Avalon, but also bringing Medea into Avalon as well would make it a HIGHLY active server in total. <3 | Anyways AG this is something we need for NA East I really DO hope this happens VERY soon even today or tomorrow we want this so please do it VERY soon!!!

Is Frislandia being merged? Fris desperately needs one right now. Also, around when would these merges happen?