Avid PvP player asking desperatly for a server merge

Can you give us any updates on death and what you guys are doing for the merger for it? Thank you!

This is result of server transfer tickets short cooldown.

Those so called ‘PvP companies’ whenever get wiped from the map they either join to the one that beat them or server transfer to another server.
Its much easier to transfer than improving and try harder next time…

Transfer Tickets should have at least 30 days cooldown, similar with faction change cooldown.
If people are left to transfer each 3 days will always be unbalance on servers where “PvP” companies are not given cities without being attacked.

When is steam regional pricing being turned off for server transfers.

Makes no sense that people just pay 1 dollar to transfer with large inventories just to resell them in a different server just for proffit, then proceed to RMT the proffits.

I hope you dont mind me asking; I came back for fresh start and havent been actively following development… but…

From my time in new world from the start i just dont see how the dev team logically expects to maintain such low MMO player numbers (2000~) when such a low install base can have such massive volatility over time.

At some point id think you guys would need to consider mega servers with channels. Theres a serious problem when you can have such dramatic drop off in numbers that leave the servers barron. That is severely hampering not only the appeal of the game to the broad range of MMO players, but makes enjoying the game as an average person pretty hard during these “drought” phases. Such extreme volatility due to the unsustainably low server cap is really damaging to the game. I really think the dev team needs to look at ways of creating channel based mega servers. I think this would also make wars way more constant and engaging, with so many companies that could be constantly engaged in territory control.

Can you answer if this is under consideration or if its even possible or being looked at under current hardware limitations? Thanks!

fresh server need to be merge or sever transfer token must be available too

I’ve stopped playing for over a week from the event servers being dead. Can’t be bothered to log in.

fresh start server need to be merge/enable server transfer token soon!

RTA servers need to be merged ASAP. Please ! im seeing players stop playing everyday because there is no one to play with once you reach 60! No arenas, barely 1 opr a day during weekends on the Death Server. I can only do mutateds with people i know, impossible to pug! I want the game to grow and we are losing players by the day!. MERGES CANT WAIT

bump pls finally merge fae


not only fae, look asgard ,tupia, niflheim cear sidi they all going down with player

It’s not a hardware limitation. It’s the Game Engine they use, it suffers from network issues. Which is why the servers are capped at 2.5k.

They could add more phasing, like they have done for wars now.

The engine needs updating, not sure if they switched from Lumberyard to Open 3D Engine which is it’s next gen engine. I also don’t know if the base code fixed the network handling.

The fusion system unbalances all the competitive people on the server, unfortunately if you play 500 casual PVE-player’s on a big server, you’re just taking away 500 slots of PVP-player’s that log only 1/2 hours a day to satisfy the player that made a bad choice at the beginning of the game, choosing to go on a casual server. Artorius for example is competitive and is excellent, adding more players to it would be the beginning of the server’s ruin.