Awesome blog, but it doesn't address the core issue facing the future of the game

The new blog post is the pièce de résistance of AGS’s feedback to its community so far. Really, really, fantastic post. It’s brimming with everything you could ask for as a player. I admit, I had (many, many) concerns but this post addressed almost all of them. Each patch really does address a large number of issues.

Except the most important one.

Let’s start with the game’s first patch, 1.0.1. In it, the notes claim to fix an issue where players had to repeatedly claim achievements on successive logins. This wasn’t actually fixed, and in fact is still happening. Another issue with the “abandoning event” bug also took multiple patches to nail down. But ok, not that big of a deal. Iterative design, and all that. Let’s move on.

Patch 1.0.2, among many other things, increased the rate of refining reagents to hilarious degree, and an autorun bug continued to persist. The reagents had to be tuned back down in the next patch, and a number of other, smaller, issues also persisted.

Then we get to 1.0.3. Hoo-buddy, this was where a lot of problems started and you started to see cracks in the patch operations. I get it. Transfers are hard. It took time to even get it to this point, and the community was chomping at the bit for them. (My own company was dying, having waited weeks to play together.) This patch added massive duping bugs that threatened the stability of the whole system, if not the permanent integrity of the game’s economy. But that’s not all, 1.0.3 also seemed to add a number of weapon and perk bugs which lasted weeks, or are even still ongoing.

Somewhere in here, Outpost Rush was disabled. This is a microcosm of the issue I’m building toward here. The game mode was disabled, patched, enabled, still broken, pulled offline again, patched, and slowly released again. It still has problems. Seeing the pattern?

Significant exploits were addressed in 1.0.4, but they also added a whole slew of new ones. Crouching to heal, infinite Bloodlust and Against All Odds, among others.

I’m excited to see the changes from 1.0.5 but I can’t help but also brace myself for what new bugs are bound to have been created.

Look, I understand it’s complicated. I have no idea how complicated the game’s code is, but I’m sure it’s like, solving-rubix-cubes-in-each-hand-while-surfing-and-dancing-a-tango complicated. My goal here is NOT to complain but rather, to plead with you to address what I can only speculate is an endemic problem with your QA process:

Every patch seems to introduce more bugs and exploits.

I’ve noticed, so I’m sure you’ve noticed too. We’ve all noticed. There’s something fundamental in your organizational structure that is counterproductive to the system’s long-term success. If you keep patching this way, you’ll only make things worse in the long run. I really like this game, I want to keep playing for a long time, so I can only hope you’re able identify what it is and solve it. Thanks again for the great blog post, and keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


I feel like this may have gotten buried in the glut. Anyway, I think it’s important so I’m bumping it. Sorry.

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