Awesome patch, more PVE plz!

For me personally, nothing comes close to the world of NW in terms of immersion and enjoyment in the moment to moment interaction with the game and now that major bugs have been fixed it feels even better.

it’s just a matter of time until orbs are removed and more focus is put on PVE content, both open world and instanced. Please do more of that, AGS and surprise us in the coming months with things not announced on the roadmap!

Once that happens, the PVE fans who left will come back. The million+ who initially tried the game are PVE players, but the game was released catering only to the 5% PVP fans.

This game has the best foundations of all currently playable mmorpgs. All it needs now is to focus more on PVE content creation and variety in mob models all over the world map to win back players (and personally I would add cooldown reductions for pure DPS abilities so that max CD is 12-18 seconds for all weapons, not just Spear).

Also think that if we’re not getting combat changes, at least we need a complete overhaul to the sound effects of the combat system to make it more impactful and fun since we are dealing with long cd’s and few abilities, especially melee light and heavy attacks currently sound a little underwhelming.


I think if they hard focus on PvE then that will be it, unless they are okay with keeping one server alive. This game will never ever compete with wow and ff14 when it comes to PvE content. Even lost ark is putting them to shame.

PvP is the only future for New World. And more than that, open world content (PvP) is the only hope for New World.

I’m happy they do produce some PvE content but if they go all in… That will be the end.


I disagree, PvP you are held hostage by someone else, you depend on the other side wanting the same,
PvE content stays forever


Exactly, hardcore PvP fans don’t play mmos to begin with, they don’t wanna have to deal with gearing and leveling and loot drama. This is proven by all the top most played PvP focused games that have millions of fans.

MMORPGs are mostly populated by PVE fans. With PVE, they could have made the game much more fun and varied, especially combat can be unbalanced and nobody would care, look at Elden Ring for example, totally broken builds and people love it and throw hundreds of millions of dollars on it.

Mmorpgs should always be 80% PVE 20% PVP. And PVP game modes whether instanced or not should allow all players level 10+ to participate and they need to be normalized where gear doesn’t matter for them to succeed. PvP rewards should strictly be cosmetic only and in the form of leaderboard server/region wide recognition.


I completely agree
as I get tired of saying, PvE and PvE should be separated like what happened in Lost Ark and GW2


I agree with both of you in a vacuum. But this ain’t a vacuum. This is New World. And they’re is just no way this game could compete without MAJOR changes. The combat and class building is so shallow and some of the design is also incredibly limiting for PvE encounters.

I just don’t see enough people choosing left mouse spamming over wow, Ff14, lost ark, GW2 or one of those games which were made for robust PvE. This game requires a healthy population and unless they abandoned them open world and territory control completely (so they can do a mega server) they can’t sustain a GW2 model where players come and go with the content.

A large amount of quality PVE content should keep players coming back and good PVP should keep them there. (with google translate)

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Agree with the combat overhaul need, absolutely agree with that. Feels a little lacking atm. If only they can change the sound effects at least for melee to match Lost Ark quality effects for light & heavy attacks.

more pve?
game is basically fulll pve already


I mean more expeditions, more variety in open world PVE…etc.

Would also love for them to rework the sounds for melee light and heavy attacks since they sound like hitting paper for most weapons.

the problem in the NW is that they mess with PvP for “N” reasons, because they were pissing off on the forum saying “It’s OP, nerf, nerf, nerf, it’s easy to hit and etc” this will directly impact PvE, Musket this one as an example, nobody wants a musketeer in a dungeon, but many complain that it is OP in PvP, wanting not this is an evil that must be fought, and the only idea I can have would be to separate the two, PvP from PvE

it would be ok to keep open world PvP and etc, but everything from skills to item attributes would automatically be switched to PvP attribute as soon as PvP was turned on

There’s no reason they wouldn’t do it other than lack of technical ability or manpower.

I love PvP but agree that the easiest solution is abilities and damage being separate in PvE and PvP. GW2 does it well.

I want both segments of players to find not in the game.

The only caveat is that open world PvP might be tough. But the stakes are low and it rarely happens all who cares if the PvE numbers were a little wonky in works PvP???

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Exactly, that’s the problem.
in PvE nobody cares if it’s OP or not.
in PvP many complain on the forum because for good or bad one interferes with the other .

What PvE content would you like to see the most and more of? How would you improve the PvE systems help bring the players you mentioned back? Looking forward to your reply.


Sorry to hijack OP’s post, but there are several good suggestions of PvE content, some even including PvP aspects of the game that would encompass the community as a whole.

Posts created with this intent:

And so many others.
Everything should be optional:
-choosing OR NOT a faction
-building, etc
OK, lots of this stuff takes time and development, I agree, but simple things such as being able to proceed with main quest line without a faction should take a day or so and occupy only two person on development, one for writing the code and one for testing.

Hey @Centeotl thanks for your reply.

Here are some NW PVE ideas that come to mind:

A PTR like build with development tools for player developed content such as expeditions, world bosses, mobs, gear, environments, cities…etc. if AGS likes some of the things players develop, maybe they can add them to the live game.

World bosses that don’t fight on sight. Players trigger the fight by initiating an event in different ways from simply clicking on the boss and choosing to start the fight to doing other things around the boss spawn area and maybe even trigger a secret phase to increase the chance at better loot…etc

PVE only combat additions or changes where you can change things drastically and even “break” the game temporarily but you have to go through preparation steps to create open world PVE only temporary combat builds. Requires PvP to be disabled. Powers last until the player logs off.

Expedition and PVE arena specific PVE powers that can be equipped in place of consumables.

A dedicated zone with multiple instanced plots of land for players to build a physical structure for their company.

Multiple instanced timed single boss arenas are much easier and quicker to make compared to big expeditions like in the latest patch. One to three man groups, soloable if the player comes prepared and has the required gear expertise level to be able to solo them. And maybe even a leaderboard to go with it. This gives people a reason to want to keep leveling their expertise.

Tournaments related to professions.

Some kind of an endless solo PVE challenge mode.

Portals that spawn randomly around the world map that take the player to a procedurally generated instanced encounter. Short and simple but dynamic enough that no two encounters are the same.

This portals system could reward super natural temporary powers in the form of consumable abilities and one time use weapons that don’t have a talent tree but can be equipped as a third weapon temporarily and has its own three skills / cannot be used if PvP enabled. The abilities and weapons disappear from the player’s inventory once they log out.

A massive mountain for players to climb that requires solving a puzzle to be able to reach the top and gain access to an elite chest with unique rewards. The puzzle pattern to climb it changes daily, with 30 possible patterns.

An on demand version of the PVE 50 man invasion game mode that people can do once a week, has four unique invasion maps with different objectives and bosses to fight, changing weekly.

These are mostly all terrible ideas but if you couldn’t tell already, I’m trying to do some brainstorming for things that can keep players wanting to login daily and participating in both solo and group PVE content with a focus on dynamic changes and fun combat modifications specific to PVE content only that can help keep the game feel fresh and evergreen at all times.

Thanks for reading!

Remove expertise/gs/whatever unmotivating useless grind.

Since release there has been 0 new pvp content and tons of pve content… in a game advertised as pvp. The pve in this game is stupidly easy, mutations are a joke gear score check, pvp is the only challenge.

Game released with mostly PvP content initially though. Only thing that’s missing is arena and that’s happening this season.

I would really like you guys to look into my feedback about raid design based on random abilities.

the general concept is that you’d group things into elemental or damage types (fire, ice, etc)

You’d assigne to each one of say 5 raid bosses in a raid a set of static abilities based on their affinity. From here, you’d assign random abilities to them based on their affinity (fire, ice, etc) type.

The result of this is you can start raid content with just a few concept abilities and have many, many combinations on a boss making raid content unique for over 1000 encounters. This system is so well designed that in theory such abilities can be recycled in any raid, and it would almost never have the same encounter. The plus to this is that abilities are consistent in the game, and so people know how to deal with an ability, but not always a combination of abilities.

This would make raid content unchallenged by any mmo.