Awful communication AGAIN

Saying that you’re aware that they’ve done a better job than other mmos and they’ve done a better job of communicating than other mmos, as well as having less bugs than others mmos, and still saying it launched early, is contradictory. You know that, right?

Cuz they has more important shit to do

No I’m aware they have done a good job communicating and I’m aware this is a new mmo. Those are the only two points I agree with you on.

Doesn’t excuse bugs being present since alpha. Game breaking bugs, huge disparities with how gear and stats work (many don’t). There wasn’t any polish made to this game pre-launch.

I’ve played other mmo’s too, none this bug riddled. Your standards are not mine and if you look at the number of complaints here you’ll see you are in the minority.

I didn’t say that I’ve played other mmos. I said that I’ve been playing mmos since the 90s and been there for the launch of many of them. Most of the pve based ones in fact. That’s 25 years of launches of mmos. Not “I’ve played some”

This game has less bugs, game breaking or other wise, than any other mmo that I’ve played. That includes original launches and expansions. From ultima online to new world. Early release , alpha and beta. I was also playing this game in alpha.

This game has less issues than other mmos have had at launch. Assuming because putting up a standard that because part of the name is amazon it should have next to no bugs, or less bugs than it has now, it still has less bugs than other mmos at launch. Applying a different standard because it’s ags isn’t fair and it doesn’t work.

Again, they are doing their best and have done a great job thus far. You’re just un happt because it has more bugs than you would like. And there are always people like that at every mmo launch ever. So you’re not alone. I’ve seen people say it at every launch and for months after and continue to say it for years and every expansion.

The complaint just gets tiresome. Play it don’t play it. It’s there for you to have fun with. If you’re not having fun play something else while they work on the game and come back to it.

And before you say “I paid for it” everyone paid for it not just you. And there us no subscription, technically you’re not entitled to anything beyond the game itself. If you choose to play it or not that’s up to you.

I for one hope you keep playing and enjoy yourself. But, you can’t have a negative view on everything. It leads to dissappointment. Having higher expectations because of the name “Amazon” will disappoint you and you’ll never be satisfied

Yeah I’m not reading all that, I don’t care. They’re crashing the game with sausages and every quest is a fetch quest. I could go on and on but you can read for yourself about how busted the game is. Stop being naive.

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Regarding the state of the game, communication…

1.) Forum, picture related:

The forum design as of now has to be one of the most impractical I’ve seen to date, I can imagine it to be quite taxing for the community managers.

2.) Intermissions, direct engagement:
The community managers should try to dial down the PR-talk. I am aware that it is part of the training they have received, that they are obligated to weave it into their responses and that it is meant to de-escalate (rather than placate) - in short bursts and with a little bit of variety it may fulfill its purpose, however in bulk and repetitive bursts it makes matters worse.
Besides perception, the verbosity of announcements obfuscates the important information.

3.) Information regarding game mechanics:
It’d go a long way if AGS established a curated Wiki or a resource like it (ANet/GW2 is a good example of transparency in this regard) - the developer corner is a good start, but I am afraid it isn’t a sustainable longterm solution.
The playerbase can help compiling and curating information, provided AGS issues a statement regarding the veracity of tooltips and sorts out related issues.
Moreover, if AGS isn’t willing to prune complexity or part with un-intuitive systems, they should make an effort to weave their explanations into the game-loop. I genuinely don’t see as to how the HMW does or could improve the gameplay of New World, it does in my opinion merely emphasize the shortcomings of the current PvE/map design by funneling players through the same areas repeatedly - but I digress.
AGS may want to consider facilitating the system through, say, a quest system; repeatable quests with diminishing returns, coming with an UI that displays HMW values and maybe more engaging tasks to boot than ‘loot x, kill x’ - the Arenas that are already in the game are a great foundation to built upon in this regard; a little narrative, a little challenge, something that masks the monotony, grind and repetition.

4.) Patchnotes, general changes:
It goes without saying that undocumented changes never pan out well. On one hand it alienates and aggrevates the playerbase, and on the other hand it makes it impossible for players to submit meaningful, constructive feedback and accurate bug reports.
Worse, it may prompt players to mistake intended changes as bugs to begin with. Gaslighting - no matter the severity or cause - is detrimental to any relationship, period. Moreover, I’d much rather read verbose patchnotes (say, the reasoning behind changes and a detailed explanation of them, numerically or otherwise) than the afromentioned verbose disclaimers.

5.) Future development:
AGS should establish public test servers, or simply use the current live servers as such for a re-launch of the game - officially.
It is readily apparent that the game has fundamental flaws, many of which will require a lot of time to be fixed properly, which I cannot imagine to be fun… much less even while the game is live and subject to customer expectations and daily wear-and-tear.
Furthermore, AGS should improve their in-house communication, the lack thereof becomes apparent in the oddity of numerous issues.

Now, as far I as I am concerned… I’ll be watching from the sidelines until any deceisive action is being taken, hoping that the game can be fixed without too much soulcrushing crunch and that the industry at large eventually learns to appreciate longterm solutions and rigor.


Is this game actually a case study in gaslighting? I’ll take my leave, thank you very much.

E: Grammar/spelling/phrasing.


That is a well formatted post that makes some analytical points while not bashing anyone. I appreciate that. Good post. I can agree on some of thr improvements mentioned.

And we continue to play this stupid ass game for no reason, the issues are piling up more and more.

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Nice post and wordings!

Quality Assurance

Well yes, it is expected on a forum on the internet that some people will forget anything they ever learned about being civil to other people and just vent their spleens whenever the mood strikes them.

That doesn’t make the behavior any better than that of a misbehaving child throwing a tantrum.

I wasn’t asking what it was I was saying they don’t do it.

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This is Discourse, my website uses the same forum software, without heavy modification this is the layout, i doubt AGS are going to tweak it that much.

So I have been cruising the forums for the last week or two seeing these Communication threads,

I have to say that we are receiving communication from the CM’s.
We need to stop saying they aren’t communicating when they are. It is bogging down the forums with negativity and false information.
Also you can see that they have been responding to posts that aren’t inane and pointless.

No offence intended to anyone but you can’t expect a moderator or dev to respond to posts like this.

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This is a ridiculous rant generated from idiots who are bored right now because of the downtime. Now they can’t enjoy their cheerios while playing NW Saturday morning. :frowning:
@Community Managers: Don’t reply and give these whiny brats ammunition. They’re just bored right now and feel like stirring the pot. When its done, its done. Rather hear that and get it done right, than hear ETAs/apologies and under deliver.

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3 days later and another Gold Dupe down. Still feel the same way nit wit?

How have you not been removed from forums with your incessant trolling? I guess that is to be expected from AGS at this point.

Why not, a moderator did reply and respond so obviously they do.

You are well entitled to your opinion but it is (proven) dead wrong.

It’s always my favorite when the CMs say some dumb shiz like “we understand your frustration but please be respectful just like we are to you, with our zero communication and rude patronizing attitudes when we do decide to reply!”

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Are you that toxic in real life too? Or only when hiding behind an anonymous avatar in the internet?

So how would you address the angry customers when they ask you for information and you don’t have it, because the developers cannot give an ETA for the fixes?
Would you start namecalling the people in the forums a banning left and right? Would you be silent? Would you just make up some fake answers?
Please, do illuminate us. Tell us all how this debacle should be managed.