AWS is the largest server farm on earth

How can you possibly have server availability and queue issues? It’s like if scrooge mcduck couldn’t afford ketchup for his hot dog stand.

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Have you seen how many servers have been release since launch? They have been using the scaling aws offers to go horizontally by adding more servers. You can only scale vertically (allow more resources per server) so far. People who played the beta and saw them increase the caps know how buggy and laggy it was with high populations allowed.

Side note to maybe help: You can use a service such as New World Status (or in game world list during character selection) to check for a lower pop server. Yes I know its not “ideal” to “lose progress” but they are adding free transfers soon. I have went to a lower pop server and been enjoying the game and plan on transferring when i can to a server with all my friends. - Cheers!

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Two completely different things here. Server availability - they have more than doubled the server count since launch, there are lots of 0 Wait servers up, and transfers are coming next week. Queues - if people refuse to stop banging on the doors of servers at or over cap and refuse to roll on available servers then that’s on them.

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From what I have read, they are using the Lumberyard system. It is the same system Star Citizen uses. The system unfortunately can only handle a smaller populace per server than we are used to seeing in other MMO’s. So I believe its a limitation of the structure used when creating New World.

unanticipated demand. Within a day they started adding more servers. Why all the tears? Git good!

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There are plenty of servers available and they are continuing to add them, but folks like you keep trying to join Asmongold or some other moron streamer’s server. Want to play the game? GO TO A DIFFERENT SERVER.

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To clarify they use Lumberyard for their server systems. It does not have the capability of managing a very large population while maintaining resources for the game. They can have 10000 servers, but the max cap is what is affected. I am not saying 2k pop is max it can handle, just that it wont be anything much larger.

Potentially there is an entire population cap worth of mains locked out by a queue of any length.

its not about how big the playing field is, its about how big the gates are to let people in.

The best analogy i can come up with is this: Servers are like Busses. You have 2 options, you can over fill the bus built to hold 50 people to now hold 100, but people wont be happy with the quality of the bus ride. (think crashes, lag, over-population issues). OR you can Get another bus to hold the additional 50 people and allow them to enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride, even if their friend was on the other bus.

No. There isn’t.

This is an MMO launch. Servers will be packed. If they weren’t, every server would be dead once they bandwagoners leave the game.

They totally have distributed processing services as well.

The problem is that Amazons first wish is not for new world to succeed. Their first wish is for it to make money. They chose not to do things because of cost. A cost which is measured only by the other things those employees are not instead doing.

21.33 billion in 2020. They could have any game it is possible to make. They chose one that makes them even more money, and damn it if it doesn’t. As if there is any purpose at all served by them becoming richer.

A good game is only late until it ships. They chose to take the money.

It not the # of servers. It’s the capacity of servers

How many are going to get merged in 6 months once the population drops a lot?

I can tell this is true because it makes me angry. :laughing:

Being a bandwagoner is an expensive hobby.

I’m on a high pop server that has a queue of 700 at peak times. It takes about 40 minutes to get in. Go take a walk. Work out. Watch an episode of your favorite show. This isn’t rocket science folks.

Is that an issue? They are being upfront about it and are saying it will be merged. This is a good thing.

LMAO seriously? WOW… You must be VERY new to mmos. You do realize when companies have to merge servers that means they are losing active players right? lol too funny you think that is a good thing.