AWS is the largest server farm on earth

ESO can handle an entire region of the world on one server. Amazon can’t manage more than 2,000 on one of their dozens of servers. But then again, their tiny game world can’t support many more players anyway, so it’s probably for the best.

I’m not new to MMOS at all, Merging servers is bound to happen and they know that. They have planned for the eventual decline in population that happens in EVERY mmo that has ever come out. They have been upfront with which servers could go to which other servers and THAT is the good thing.

This game is hyped up and everyone is trying to play it all at once, they are trying to accommodate the large surge. Eventually people will get to a point where they wont play everyday for hours on end; it is at this point where they can start to merge and consolidate the player base. This is the cycle of every MMO. New content: huge surge to a gradual decrease in players as more and more experience the content.

Thinking that they will never have to merge/Merging is a bad thing is just nonsense. For example: If they ever are able to support more players on at once, they could merge the servers for that reason too.

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