Azoth drained recalling to House

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name: Ayden1024
server: Bilnibarbi

Bug description:
I had over 500 azoth when I started. All I did was recall to my house in Everfall which has no recall cost. In doing this I was dropped to 19 azoth, losing over 500 azoth.

I now can no longer teleport anywhere. I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me. This is about my last straw. If this doesn’t get resolved I’m going to be leaving this game. I’m not going to be relegated to walking everywhere.


Please reply if this has also happened to you. I’ve heard of this happening when resetting your house recall cooldown.

Weird. My recalls are fine but… I teleported to a few places and 0 azoth was used!!!

Huh, maybe teleporting is draining azoth from the wrong players - I can imagine a database screwup like that.

I think I ran into same issue, Azoth doesn’t update on client when teleporting. However relogging shows correct amount used.


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