Azoth, Gold, Fast Travel - Solutions... Maybe

Hi, I’m a mid level (31) probably slightly above average player (30hrs / week), and most skills are still < 100. Here’s my feedback on a few of the current issues:-


It’s too hard to come by.

I’ve tried crafting items: weapons, jewellery, armour; levelling up base materials: lumber, rough leather, etc and even making some of the basic housing stuff; with a view to sell it on the trading posts. However, it’s just not worth it, the prices are so low often the sale values are way below the listing fees.

With just a little over 6k in the bank, I’m not convinced I’m in a position to but a house yet as the taxes will bleed me dry within a few weeks (Except for the days where I really grind out the quests, I don’t feel I’m making enough to pay the taxes, and I like to spend some game time just exploring).

Thoughts for a solution:-

  • Cut tax to 25% of it’s current rate. so that what is being paid now is essentially a monthly figure, not a weekly one.
  • AND Increase gold drop rate by a multiple of 1.25.

(This might also go someway to fixing this issue:- FIX the Economy (Money CREATED vs Money DESTROYED))


I really like the crafting system, it has a certain level of complexity and requires exploring the game to gather various resources, etc. However, the storage system is a PITA.

Now that I have my second bag slot and two half decent bags, I can carry 50% of what I can store.

Thoughts for a solution:-

  • Allow transfer between towns regardless of the controlling faction at a small cost of azoth (should be a tiny fraction of what it would cost to fast travel there and back). If your faction controls both, then transfer is free. If faction controls one end of the transfer, cost is 50%.

This should also promote wider exploration of the map, and not trying to maintain a “base” to operate crafting from. (Although, see “travel” below, which might make this a non issue).


Unpopular opinion: Mounts, we DON’T need them! (And I quite like the little lore piece about why they’re not available).

As others have mentioned here, I actually don’t mind running around when I’m exploring or questing in the area. However, its a real pain when I just need to get from one area to another.

Thoughts for a solution:-

  • Increae azoth drop by a multiple of 1.25.
  • Reduce town - town fast travel cost to 33% of it’s current value.
  • Reduce outpost - town cost to 66% of its current value.
  • Leave outpost - outpost as it is.
  • add 25% more outposts.

The Map

I would prefer not to rely on something like, as I thin it takes a chunk of the exploration aspect away from the game.

Instead, what I would like to be able to do is mark-up my own map with the things which are important to me. Do we not have parchment and pencils in Aeternum?

I would really like to be able to as many markers with short titles as I want. (If that’s potentially a technological problem, max number of them but with a decent limit - 100 ish)


I’m afraid I have to disagree with the few suggestions you made. Before I reply, I would like to say that I have gold issues myself and do not own any territory.

Tax - tax seems fine to me atm tbh. I own a T1 house, and with territory standing buff, I only need to pay 200g every five days. I think 200g isn’t a lot. Even if it is a T4 house probably is around 1k to 1.5k. But I think people who wish to own higher than T2 house should be someone financially stable (such as actively doing trade), and it should not be targeted toward casual players. Because realistically speaking, T4 house is like a mansion and only the rich should own.

Furthermore, from what I read, unless you own a popular territory like Winsward. Territory upkeep is relatively high that may cost more than the taxes they collect. Furthermore, reduce in the house tax may heavily impact territory income to maintain the land.

My suggestion will be to focus more on increasing Town Board gold reward (come on… 25 starmetal ingot you give me 1g? seriously?). The main issue is lack of gold that can inject into the economy to make people do more active trading. Once there is better and stable gold income for players, rent won’t be as big a problem as we have now.

The player being able to pay taxes, territory owner ability to collect taxes, and spending into upkeep/upgrade are the vital parts to maintain a good prosperity for the territory. Because once your three home’s have a good crafting station. then your crafting issues will be solved too. you won’t require to travel as frequent anymore, e.g. i focus one town to have my metals, one town as my alchemist/cooking, and one town as my mix trade. and if you need anything just TP to another town, even azoth cost for reset TP will be quite cheap.

So the best outcome as win-win for you and territory owner is that you can pay the taxes and they can collect it to upgrade and maintain the upkeep.

TLDR: players need better way to earn income

I think, being able to add filters to the map would be a good idea. There are so many systems badly explained in the game, like where to catch what kind of fish, or where to gather what kinds of food/spices.

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