Azoth is just terrible

I’d like the cap to be removed. Once you start fighting level 20+ mobs everything drops azoth.
If you craft tools, you’re likely to get an azoth-harvesting tool and that easily puts you over cap often.

Agree with cap increase and reduction of fast travel cost. Is too damn high.

it all seems a little too restrictive, what’s the deal someone who has it can travel around like a rocket while others are struck to run

So many players refuse to help with group content because they are far away and don’t want to spend azoth. This game has way too many road blocks when it comes to playing in group. In other MMO I just use teleport to friend or team member when they need help. In this game? No thanks.

The cap definitely has to go. Caps are cancer in any game. They are punishing you for playing the game and force you to spend a resource while doing something else or waste it.

That is simply bad game design.

It really is this simple, no if and’s or but’s.

Not saying I disagree with you, but you don’t KNOW anything tbf xD

this is dumb, the criticism is on the things getting people down

No saying to stop playing a game because of not liking a single aspect of it is just ridiculous and the people saying it need to stfu.

I’m of the opinion that it’s definitely going to be monetized in the future. It’s pretty annoying to interact with. Only thing that annoys me more is the storage system.

just lower costs for traveling is way too high even with empty bags.
And enable inter-city Action-house
Sometimes you just have to jump to 2 or 3 city just to purchase stuff, at least make it for cities owned by the same faction!!

Can you guys here stop suggesting to play another game?

I like some parts of the game so much that I‘d like it to be better. Stop hushing every critic voice away lol.

I agree with OP.

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I dont agree on this points, Azoth traveling with empty Bags is cheap enough (even more into same faction, also you can simply run 5 minutes), you can farm it on demand too.
Action house separation is a good thing to make people farm stuff on their own end, which encourages trade on multiple ends.

just increase the Azoth cap. 1000 is not enough

I didn’t really like the azoth thing but I think it is what makes it valuable. I was trying to sign up for war last night but I didnt because I cannot teleport to the region. If this is the intent, it could be a good thing for the game to leave it as is. Trying to craft stuff to access higher tier benches on another city have the same challenges especially if you store material on another city because you cannot just pull it from that city, you have to travel. I think it helps increase the motivation in gaining faction territory too. Limitation in azoth is probably good for the game because it gives us these challenges. I’ve been doing corruption run for azoth, which I probably wouldn’t do if azoth is readily available. Azoth is important in everything we do in the game and it if you conquer more territory, the easier it is to travel to craft, wage war, or help friends do their quests. So next time you go to war you need to yell: FOR AZOTH!.

It’s a resource, with lore, usability and multiple sinks. You need to prepare yourself before doing certain things. For example, using Azoth long term means, that you will be able to kill something, because you took the time to gather that resource, craft something etc. Want fast travel? Costs too high? need to take land to get it cheaper. Close invasions to farm it or do dungeons. As stated in one of my posts, bits and pieces are tied together to create living world as a whole, scrap that out and I bet you will start complaining that you can’t find someone for a dungeon or other activity, because some of people go there mainly for Azoth for example

I would suggest farming skelletons for the azoth flask instead. Though I cant tell about efficiancy, I think it could work well and feels more relaxed.

  • Luck also helps.

Good info. Thanks!

I agree with those saying that the cap is too low. 1000 just isn’t enough when you factor in using it for crafting as well as fast travel. I actually like farming corruptions for it tho. Gives you a reason to be social and get a team of people together to take those task on which I think is healthy for the players as a whole. I say lower the fast travel price and increase the cap and the cost of using it for crafting.

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