Azoth Staff Crosspiece Quest Bugged

i followed the quest to amrine temple, killed the mob and tried to forge the staff crosspiece but when i go to the anvil it has a cross on it and i cant interact with it to craft the staff. ive waited to kill the mob 5 times but it still doesn’t let me do it.

the quest changes from killing the mob to forging the staff as it should, but it wont let me do it.

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Welcome and thank you for informing us of this, we’ll log it for attention.

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Same here, I am also impacted. Started last evening. I did a quest reset, tried in the morning. Nothing. Reset 3 times today, still no joy. Killed the boss about 5 times now.

I would appreciate a speedy resolution.

I’m having the same problem too.

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I have made the quest reset 4-5 steps back and it solved the issue. Make it sure the quest headline is not black!