AZOTH STAFF somehow bypassed forging

Looking for some assistance. Somehow I seem to have bypassed the forging of the AZOTH staff and the main story line is having me do tasks that require the staff yet I don’t have staff. I can’t seem to proceed. Any ideas?

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In order to craft your Azoth Staff you need to look for the quest “Forge the Staff” its a level 25 quest that will reward you with this item.You can open you leveling rewards board to have more guidance on you adventure!

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Thanks for the reply. I know I had that quest but I couldn’t do the quest because I needed a group to do so. I had to log off and when I got back on somehow I got into the area where it tells me to forge the staff and foolish me I started that process. The staff was never forged and the quest was no longer present. I just don’t know how to reactivate that quest since the game thinks I completed that quest. I really don’t want to start all over with a new character. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

Hello @Garynl

Hope you are doing great and apologize about this situation where you azoth staff was not crafted by the quest.
This seems to be a very specific error so my best advice will be to create a web ticket in order to investigate the situation properly since we can not reset the quest manually from the forums.

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