Azoth system and running is making me not want to play

i have been playing the game since release day after level 40 i found myself running %80 hitting mobs %20 for every little quest after 40 levels u should run to different cities etc. and this is like press autorun button and watch tv series this is not a good gameplay experience i can fast travel but azoth is always a problem bank weight is always a problem different ah ? i can understands having different ah’s for different cities yea faction system etc. but weight and travel system is making me think how easy was playing world of warcraft those systems are blocking the player and making you bored and then u feel tired of running or thinking how u going to manage your bank weights etc. why can’t we just travel with affordable coins ? who’s idea was blocking the player from doing everything with that caps and azoths and etc.

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I cant give any specific advise other than saying: to me it seems you mismanaged your Azoth.
I barely tip below 500, doing quests I am usually between 800 and 950, but I do admit I generally dont use it on crafting. The exception was bags.
Also having tools that generate Azoth on gathering is very helpful.

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what level are you ? quests making me run for 2 cities away from the quest giver so i have 2 options i will use fast travel or run for 40 minutes after level 40 + it became a complete running simulator and those bank separation system is unlogical either… why dont we have just a single bank i have 90000 items on different cities and travelling requires azoth those systems are corrupted and i bet no one is having fun while struggling with different banks and running or paying azoth for travels etc. just boring gameplay for new world players it was not needed why did u add those in to the game :smiley: ? just for faction system ? that’s ridiculous.

I bank specific items only on one city where the upgrades where only done, so I usually need to go to 3 different places when I feel I need to store something.

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