Azoth system... just why?

Well… system it self i think not a bad idea the big issue is that when i have 3 tier 4 bags it doesnt reduce the azoth instead it increases so its like a punishment of upgrading ur bag weight somehow devs thought that make sense. Yes bags are still useful but you cant really go around teleport with half of it is full cuz everywhere i go it asks 200-300 azoth which when i wanna do town projects etc. its just gonna take me an hour to consume whole of my azoth stock which i dont wanna farm azoth every one hour. Housing is really good you buy houses it reduces it to 50 azoth which is cuz really good but i just dont wanna buy houses everywhere.

I literally play the game all day for 1 week 200h playtime. This is the most and the most problem i got frustrated about. It makes upgrading your bag a punishment. I think weight calculation should be with percentages like if you have 500Lt weight and you are full, it calculates same as if you have 1000Lt and full cuz thats basicly how bag system makes more sense to me. We cant travel if we are overweight anyway so make the system based on percentages so that upgrading your bag is actually reduces the azoth cost if you carrying same amount of items but in general it can really help and if you wanna travel with full weight it can still cost a lot. Bags are already costing half the price of the houses so in any way this helps the game experience imo.

Also i wanna keep every material to myself and storage has 1k weight at first it seems high but i try to upgrade it with territory points still not enough. I use 2 towns as my main storages and i have to go there get that and go there get that which i mostly carry stuff around just cuz i dont wanna involve a third town to go to and spend my azoth on it.

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It’s annoying for me as well, it’s idiotic tbh. They should have the travel increase by percentages than the weight itself or just have fixed rates (for example traveling within the same zone cost 50, going to a zone next to you 100, 150 for 2 zones away without any faction discounts etc.


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